Hey there, relaxation enthusiasts! Get ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of ultimate comfort and rejuvenation with our video vlog series at Wish Rock Relaxation. We not only showcase the finest massage chairs, zero gravity recliners, and lift chairs, but also let you in on all the insider knowledge that makes a difference.

Why Trust Joanna?

Meet your guide to relaxation, Joanna, the owner of Wish Rock Relaxation. From massage tracks to roller technology, she’'ll decode the jargon and make it all crystal clear. And guess what? She even put herself in the seat, quite literally, to bring you expert tips based on firsthand experience.

Massage Tracks Unveiled

Have you ever wondered what S-track, L-track, and SL-track massages are all about? Let Joanna break it down for you – no jargon, just pure understanding.

Rollers Explored

Don't get tangled up in the 2D, 3D, and 4D roller confusion. Joanna clears the air and lets you know what truly makes a roller stand out.

Split Track Magic

Joanna spills the beans on split track massage chairs, revealing how they work their magic on different parts of your body simultaneously.


Chair Doctor at Your Service

Ever heard of a chair doctor feature? Joanna will introduce you to this unique aspect that keeps your relaxation throne in top-notch condition.


Zone Positioning Decoded

One zone, two zones, four zones, five zones – feeling puzzled? Joanna makes sure you know exactly what these mean for your relaxation experience.

Lift Chairs Explored

Curious about 3-position, infinite position, and Trendelenburg lift chairs? Joanna covers it all, helping you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Joanna's Personal Picks

Wondering which chair Joanna gifted her parents? Get an insider scoop on her thoughtful choice.

Behind the Scenes

Ever wondered where massage chairs and Ultracomfort chairs are made? Joanna reveals the global journey that leads to your ultimate comfort.

Financing Made Easy

Relaxation is now within reach, thanks to our flexible financing options. Joanna lays out the possibilities, making your dream chair even more attainable.

From Us to You

Our personal thank you and the lowdown on our smooth delivery process – because your relaxation journey matters to us.


So, get ready to dive into the world of relaxation like never before. Subscribe to Wish Rock Relaxation's vlog series and let Joanna be your guide to the world of ultimate comfort. Let's unwind together!