There have been many new developments in the massage chair industry and many new chairs recently released.  We have seen the addition of more L-Track 3D massage chairs, the first ever 4D L-Track massage chair and more chairs with calf rollers plus several new compact massage chairs / gaming chairs.  Check out our new chairs here!

Newly Released

OHCO M.8LE Massage Chair $15,000.00 $17,999.00

JPMedics Kumo Massage Chair $9,999.00 $10,999.00

Daiwa Legacy 4 Massage Chair $9,000.00 $10,000.00

OHCO R.6 Massage Chair $8,999.00 $10,500.00

D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair $8,499.00 $10,000.00

D.Core Stratus Massage Chair $7,999.00 $9,500.00

D.Core Cloud Massage Chair $4,999.00 $8,500.00

Titan Pro Ace II Massage Chair $3,499.00 $3,999.00

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