Human Touch Super Novo 2.0 Massage Chair Review

A brief overview

Embark on the ultimate relaxation journey with the Human Touch Super Novo 2.0 Massage Chair! This technological marvel combines 3D and 4D massage capabilities, an S & L-Track system, and Acupoint® Body Sensing for a customized massage experience. Its Unibody Track, Zero Gravity feature, and Virtual Therapist function transport you to a world of tranquility. The extending heated knee, calf, and foot massager, along with the JBL Premium Sound System, create a symphony of comfort. Navigate effortlessly with advanced fingertip controls and indulge in 38 Auto-Wellness Programs. Experience Cloud Touch Acupressure, extended heat therapy, and Bluetooth speakers. With a built-in USB port, wireless charging, memory function, and space-saving design, it's perfect for all. Accommodating people of varying sizes—from 5' to 6'9" tall and up to 285 pounds—the Human Touch Super Novo 2.0 ensures a personalized oasis for everyone.

Main Distinguishing Features

Elevate your comfort to new heights with this top tier massage chair. Prepare to be in awe by the Human Touch Super Novo 2.0 Massage Chair Features:

3D & 4D Massage Programs

The new Human Touch Super Novo 2.0 really ups the ante by adding 4D programs to their already very smooth 3D technology.  What this means is that the rollers feature variable speed where the massage strokes speed up and slow down mid-stroke to create the feeling a real person massaging you. It’s perfect when you want different pressure and speed in different areas of your body.

S+L Track Massage

For a massage that covers you from your neck down to your thighs, you can rely on the Advanced Multi-Dimensional Massage Technology in the Super Novo 2.0 ’s combination S/L-Track System.  With their new proprietary system, the Super Novo 2.0 will be able to provide a deeper tissue massage over a larger area without compromise.

Acupoint® Body Sensing

The Human Touch Super Novo 2.0 Massage Chair, equipped with Acupoint® Body Sensing technology, swiftly gauges your shoulder height, dynamically mapping out your massage experience to ensure unparalleled effectiveness. In a matter of moments, this innovative feature personalizes the massage, adapting to your unique body contours for an optimal and targeted therapeutic session. With precision in mind, the Super Novo 2.0 ensures that every moment in the chair is tailored to your specific needs, providing a truly customized and rejuvenating experience.

Unibody Track

Experience unparalleled relaxation with the Human Touch Super Novo 2.0 Massage Chair and its groundbreaking Unibody Track feature. This innovative technology outshines others by seamlessly covering 60% more area from neck to thighs compared to standard chairs, ensuring a comprehensive and deeply soothing massage experience. The Unibody Track is a game-changer, delivering a massage that transcends the norm, providing unmatched comfort and rejuvenation for the entire upper body. It's not just a chair; it's a transformative oasis designed to elevate your well-being.

Zero Gravity

The Zero-Gravity position cradles the back while elevating your legs above the heart which eliminates all pressure from the spine and helps to remove swelling. This position is considered "the healthiest way to sit " by most chiropractors.

Virtual Therapist

When you start up the chair, the Super Novo 2.0 's Virtual Therapist will ask you a series of questions, including your physical requirements and massage preferences. With that information safely stored, the Super Novo 2.0 can provide a massage tailored to your exact needs any time you like, just by saying "Alexa, ask my Novo to give me massage 8” making the entire process even easier and more user-friendly.

Extending + Heated Knee, Calf, and Foot Massager

With underfoot rollers and adjustable intensity in the calves and feet, the heated extendable leg rest will adjust to your height automatically. The calf massage area also extends up to the knees to soothe even more muscles in your legs. This is perfect after a long day on your feet, plus the added heat feels good on a chilly day.  The feet and calves are an area that does not receive as much attention as warranted considering that you are on them most of the day during normal activities.  

JBL Premium Bluetooth Sound System

The Super Novo 2.0 ’s premium JBL sound system, with built-in Sound Soothe that plays the immersive sounds of nature, you can listen to the narrated demo walks you through the features and health benefits of the Super Novo 2.0 . Then, enjoy whatever sounds you want during your massage and enjoy them crystal clear. Wonderful when you want a soundtrack to your massage.

Advanced Fingertip Controls

The chair’s key functions are right at your fingertips thanks to the easy-to-use control panel, which manages Power On, auto-program startup, adjustable recline position, heat, speaker volume, and gets the chair back to upright in moments. This allows you to remain comfortable throughout your massage until the very end.

38 Auto-Wellness Programs

Employ the Super Novo 2.0 ’s 38 programs, including full-body immersion, deep tissue, and an effective collection of therapeutic relaxation and recovery programs, to relax, unwind, and de-stress. Perfect for both a soothing, pre-bed ritual and an invigorating morning routine.

Cloud Touch Acupressure

Purposely placed, targeted air cells use gentle pressure on important healing points and manipulation to stretch muscles. This airbag compression massage is a great benefit to any massage.

Extended Heat Therapy

Tailored to provide controllable and targeted warmth to your lumbar, foot, and calves, this advanced heat technology gently alleviates backaches and releases tension from tight muscles. Whether you're seeking relief for a particularly tight lower back or simply indulging in the soothing warmth for enhanced circulation and relaxation, the Super Novo 2.0 ensures a customizable and blissful massage experience.

Bluetooth Speakers

Elevating your experience, this cutting-edge chair boasts integrated Bluetooth Speakers, allowing you to harmonize your massage session with your favorite tunes. Unwind in the embrace of deep tissue massage technology while enveloped in a symphony of sound, making each session a multisensory escape tailored to your personal oasis.

Built-In USB Port + Wireless Charging

  • Among its standout attributes is the Built-In USB Port + Wireless Charging functionality, seamlessly blending convenience with indulgence. Imagine immersing yourself in a rejuvenating massage while effortlessly charging your devices—no cords, no interruptions. This innovative feature not only enhances your relaxation experience but also caters to the demands of our tech-savvy lifestyles, ensuring that every moment in the Super Novo 2.0 is a holistic blend of comfort and contemporary convenience.


One standout feature is the Memory function, allowing you to effortlessly save and recall your preferred settings, ensuring that each session is perfectly tailored to your unique relaxation needs. Immerse yourself in the ultimate blend of comfort and technology, as the Super Novo 2.0 caters to your individualized oasis with a touch of a button.

Space Saving

The innovative Human Touch design team created this chair to be even more space-saving than the Novo XT2 so that it only requires 2” behind the chair to fully recline. As the chair reclines it shifts forward so that you can maximize your floor space. This is great when you don’t have a lot of space for your chair to lean back or you don’t want it to stick too far out into the room.

App Functionality

Download the Novo App to your Android or iOS device and now your phone becomes a controller for the chair. Then, of course, there is Virtual Therapist.

Space Saving

The Human Touch Super Novo 2.0 Massage Chair—fully assembled for instant relaxation. No fuss, no hassle.

Big & Tall Chair

Experience ultimate relaxation with the Human Touch Super Novo 2.0 Massage Chair, tailored for the big and tall. Accommodating varying sizes up to 6'9" and 285 pounds, this is the epitome of luxury and functionality for the big and tall.

Pros & Cons

When it comes to the Human Touch Super Novo 2.0 Massage Chair, there's plenty to love. Let's take a look at the pros and cons:


Wish Rock Relaxation

3D & 4D Massage Programs introduce variable speed rollers for lifelike massages.

Wish Rock Relaxation

S+L Track Massage offers deeper tissue coverage for neck-to-thigh massages.

Wish Rock Relaxation

Acupoint® Body Sensing swiftly gauges shoulder height for a personalized experience.

Wish Rock Relaxation

Unibody Track covers 60% more area, ensuring unmatched comfort for the entire upper body.

Wish Rock Relaxation

Zero Gravity cradles the back and elevates legs above the heart, recommended by chiropractors.

Wish Rock Relaxation

Virtual Therapist provides personalized massages accessible with voice commands.

Wish Rock Relaxation

Extending + Heated Knee, Calf, and Foot Massager for adjustable and soothing lower body massages.

Wish Rock Relaxation

JBL Premium Bluetooth Sound System immerses you in nature sounds or favorite tunes.

Wish Rock Relaxation

Advanced Fingertip Controls manage key functions for a seamless massage experience.

Wish Rock Relaxation

38 Auto-Wellness Programs offer a variety of therapeutic options.

Wish Rock Relaxation

Cloud Touch Acupressure applies gentle pressure on healing points for additional therapeutic benefits.

Wish Rock Relaxation

Extended Heat Therapy provides controllable warmth for targeted relief.

Wish Rock Relaxation

Bluetooth Speakers + Built-In USB Port + Wireless Charging offer convenience and a multisensory experience.

Wish Rock Relaxation

Memory function saves and recalls preferred settings for a personalized massage.

Wish Rock Relaxation

Space Saving design requires only 2” behind the chair to fully recline.

Wish Rock Relaxation

App Functionality controls the chair with the Novo App for added convenience.

Wish Rock Relaxation

Big & Tall Chair tailored for varying sizes up to 6'9" and 285 pounds.

Wish Rock Relaxation

Arrives fully assembled! Just plug it in, and let the relaxation party begin, complete with a backup battery system.

Wish Rock Relaxation

Memory settings? The chair's got a great memory—four settings for Beep, Bluetooth, AcuPoint Body Sensing (Auto or Manual shoulder height detection), and massage duration. The app might add more to the party!

Wish Rock Relaxation

Rapid Acupoint Body Sensing' scan? SuperNovo 2.0 can now detect your shoulder height at lightning speed—both automatically and manually—showing off its speedy skills.

Wish Rock Relaxation

Intellitrack? Think of it as the massage robot's GPS. Super Novo 2.0 intelligently follows the twists and turns of your spine, giving you a massage that's as dynamic as you are!


Wish Rock Relaxation

The chair comes at a premium price point for those seeking the utmost in relaxation.

Wish Rock Relaxation

Large & bulky, might be difficult to move around the house or up the stairs.

Wish Rock Relaxation

Alexa and 'virtual therapist' took a vacation from Super Novo 2.0—sorry, they won't be joining your massage session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got burning questions about the Human Touch Super Novo 2.0 Massage Chair? Delve into the frequently asked questions about the Human Touch Super Novo 2.0 Massage Chair to make an informed choice for your ultimate relaxation experience.

Q: What are the height and weight requirements?

A: Super Novo 2.0 caters to various sizes, accommodating individuals up to 6'9" and 285 pounds, ensuring a comfortable experience for a broad range of users.

Q: What are the doorway requirements?

A: This chair is polite at the door, needing a minimum of 33.1" to gracefully glide into your relaxation sanctuary.

Q: What kind of warranty does this come with?

The Human Touch Super Novo 2.0 comes with a comprehensive warranty, covering in-home service for 1 year, parts for 3 years, and structural components for 5 years; for assistance, reach out on weekdays via phone or email.

Q: What is the assembly like?

A: It's a VIP entrance—Super Novo 2.0 arrives fully assembled, ready to throw a massage party in your living room.

Q: Can I customize the intensity of the massage?

A: You bet! With the Human Touch Super Novo 2.0, you have the power to customize the massage intensity according to your preferences. Whether you prefer a gentle touch or a more vigorous massage, this chair puts you in control, ensuring that your comfort is the top priority. So, go ahead and tailor the massage experience to suit your unique relaxation needs!

Q: How far can the chair sit from the wall?

A: Give your wall some breathing space—just 2 inches. Super Novo 2.0 likes to keep things cozy.

Customer Reviews

Curious about the real deal with the Human Touch Super Novo 2.0 Massage Chair? Let's dive into the reviews straight from the comfy seats of verified buyers who spilled the tea!

Wrap Up

Well, there you have it—a rollercoaster ride through the wonders of the Human Touch Super Novo 2.0 Massage Chair! We've explored its 3D & 4D magic, its S+L Track giving you that "ahh" moment from neck to thighs, and the dance of Acupoint® Body Sensing ensuring a personalized experience every time you sink into the plush embrace.

Let's not forget the Unibody Track, Zero Gravity cradle, and the virtual symphony from the JBL Premium Bluetooth Sound System. And oh, those fingertip controls making you the maestro of your massage orchestra! Need warmth? Extended Heat Therapy has your back, literally.

But guess what? Super Novo 2.0 isn't just a chair; it's a dynamic, big & tall-friendly, space-saving, tech-savvy oasis for your well-being!

And if you're wondering, yes, it even arrives fully assembled! Plug it in, and you're ready to dive into relaxation. With a battery backup system in tow, you're covered for uninterrupted bliss. Bid farewell to Alexa and the 'virtual therapist,' but embrace the four memory settings right on the chair. There's more to explore through the app—stay tuned for the tech magic.

Curious about the 'Rapid Acupoint Body Sensing' scan? Well, the SuperNovo 2.0 is not only rapid but smart. Unlike its predecessor, it features both auto and manual shoulder height detection, bringing you the best of both worlds.

And what's the secret behind Intellitrack? Think of it as the wise massage mechanism (robot) that moves and changes with the curvature of your spine. It's not just tracking; it's intelligent tracking, shaping your massage experience dynamically. Intrigued? That's IntelliTrack in all its smart glory! 

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