Important things to consider when buying a massage chair

We understand that buying a massage chair can feel like an overwhelming task—there are so many different chairs available with new features that it can feel a little daunting. We want you to know that we are here to hold your hand through the process as much or as little as you would like. Our end goal is to get you into the best chair possible; at the right price.

Where will you put your chair?

Make sure that you double check the dimensions of the space that you would like to put your chair in. There are many newer “space saver” chairs that are able to be placed within a couple of inches to the wall. You will want to put your chair in a place that you will use it regularly—you don’t want to place it somewhere that is hard to get to, you don’t feel relaxed in or in a place that you’re likely to pile tings (such as clothes and books) on top of. It’s also important to consider the décor of the room you’ll be placing your chair in. Many chairs now come with beautiful color pallets and even leather on body touch points. We now even carry a couple of models with genuine wood and smooth lines along the outside. Some chairs offer retractable ottomans so that the chair will blend into your living room without looking too obtrusive.

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If you have unique height or size requirements, it’s important to take that into account. Not all chairs comfortably accommodate the very tall person (over 6’4”) or the very short person (below 5’); or the very large person. Almost all chairs on the market work well for people between 5’ – 6’ tall, but if you have a very tall person and a very short person in the house, you'll really need to consider which model will work best. We also have chairs that work better for the Big / Tall sector as well as those that have more generous weight requirements. Truth be told, most of our chairs will work for people up to 300 pounds even if it's rated at 250-265 pounds. That being said, we do have a few models that have extra-fortified motors and mechanisms made to withstand a higher weight on a regular basis.  
If you have questions, please always feel free to contact us. Many of our premium chairs also offer the ability to save user settings which will eliminate the need to do a body scan before every single use—or the need to remember exactly what you really liked last time!

It’s better to get a strong massage chair that can be toned down easily with the remote control, than to settle for a soft massage chair that can’t be adjusted. Most consumers seek the benefits of deeper tissue massage, so look for a massage chair designed for the best – in this case deepest – range of motion. This type of motion is referred to in the massage chair industry as 3D. The 3D indicates “in and out” along with the standard “up and down” and “left and right.” We now have several 4D massage chairs that have the 3D intensity coupled with a greater control of the roller mechanism with regard to speed and intensity.  

Getting a massage in a strong or deeper 3D or 4D motion massage chair is a little like working out. The first day can cause a little soreness, but the body adjusts and acclimates to the routine for ongoing benefits. But strong doesn’t automatically mean good if the massage feels mechanical, so look for a massage chair with well-designed and smooth massage mechanics to mimic the human touch of a massage therapist. While massage chairs that deliver a relaxing “dream inducing” massage is great – the best investment is a massage chair that has it ALL, including smooth, deep tissue massage

This is an important factor and one that is very easy to assess. A massage chair warranty is a key indicator of the overall quality of the chair and the company behind it. Generally, the longer the warranty, the better the chair.
The best warranty in the massage chair industry currently is 5-years (without having to purchase the “extended warranty” package), however the industry standard is a 3 year warranty which is what most companies provide.

Do you recommend a warranty over 5 years?

Beware of massage chair manufacturers with warranties this long, as this can be designed just to get your attention. Warranty coverage lasting more than 5 years almost always refers to the frame only or will also be accompanied by a very heft price tag which in our opinion is not necessary. Massage chair frames should be made of structural steel with the ability to withstand MANY years of use. In other words, we do not think it’s necessary for you to add in this extra expense. Plus, none of our manufacturers even offer warranties over 5 years.


It’s good to have an idea of what price range you are able to afford. As more and more options become standard, the price for all of (or at least many of) the bells and whistles has really come down. It’s possible today to get a very good massage chair for under $3000 and to get a premium chair for your home or office between $5000-$8500. If you have your heart set on a certain chair, we have god relationships with Quick Spark Financial as well as Paypal Financing in order to help you break up your payments and divert the initial out of pocket cost. Check out our online guides for the best chairs in these 3 different price tiers:

Are you someone who enjoys getting a massage every once in a while? If so, you know that the cost of one massage is anywhere from $50 - $120 per hour. This money can start to add up very quickly if you go weekly. Purchasing a massage chair for your home makes great sense over time as it gives you the opportunity to have a high quality massage in your home, whenever you want, as many times a day as you’d like. Over time, this truly is a very smart option.

Glossary of Terms

Within the last five years, the massage chair industry as a whole has changed a lot with the introduction of new technology which has really heightened the overall experience for the end user. Some of the most important trends include the introduction of the Zero Gravity position, 3D rollers, L-Track and the SuperTrac chairs. But, what exactly does all of this mean?! We’ve put together a very comprehensive guide to help you get a better idea of what it all means and what the “really reallies” are when you’re ready to buy your very own massage chair.

Zero Gravity

According to several chiropractors, the Zero Gravity position is the most important advancement in the industry. Originally developed by NASA in order to help astronauts reduce the compression of the spine during take-offs of the shuttle, the zero gravity position allows the body to assume a position of weightlessness thus dramatically reducing tension in the spine and back creating a feeling of weightlessness. The knees are typically raised to at least heart level with a 30 degree angle at the spine. Some newer chairs now offer two or three different stages of Zero Gravity position creating a bigger recline in the back.

S-Track Chair | L-Track | SL-Track | MaxTrack

Which type of “Track” is best suited for you? This can be a very confusing question for some of our customers. L-Track chairs have been around since 2011 when uKnead first introduced the L-track to the market. The best way to think of this is—how far do you want the massage rollers to go? S-track chairs follow the curvature of the spine and typically end at the bottom of the spine while L-track rollers will continue down below the back and curve in an L-shape massaging into your gluteal muscles and hamstrings.