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Featured Chiropractic Clinics in IA

There are many excellent chiropractic clinics in Iowa.  We are always updating and expanding our list too--please let us know if you would like us to add your favorite clinic to our list.  Below are our featured chiropractic clinics in Iowa.

Rebarcak Chiropractic Pain Relief Center - Ames, IA

Rebarcak Chiropractic Pain Relief Center - Ames, IA

We are thankful to our more than 20,000 patients over the years who have voted us 'Best of Story County'  and favorite in the ISU Student Choice Awards. Our success is built on our mission to provide professional and individualized short-term care for pain relief. With five chiropractors, extended hours, and walk-in care available, your convenience is always our priority.

We offer a variety of treatment options and services to best manage your condition, including chiropractic care, acupuncture, functional medicine, and sports or DOT Exams.  Whether you are in acute pain or are suffering from a long-term chronic condition, we have a specialist here to help.  

Our patients range from infants, to families, to ISU students and athletes, to older adults, and every age in between. If we do not feel we can help you, we work closely with many specialists in the area and will refer you to someone who can.  Our office also receives many referrals from physicians and trainers who send difficult or chronic cases to us.  Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with our services and staff as we strive to provide you with the best health care possible. 

"More people are beginning chiropractic care because they want a natural approach, avoiding addictive drugs or irreversible surgery."

Services Offered: Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture, Functional Medicine, Sports & DOT Exams

Address: 205 Clark Ave, Ames, IA 50010
Phone: 515-233-2263

Iowa Chiropractic Clinic – Ankeny, IA


Iowa Chiropractic Clinic – Ankeny, IA

We have been voted Ankeny's Best Chiropractic Clinic seven years running. We pride ourselves on five star service and patient referrals.

Our goal is to improve and maintain the spinal health of every patient, while educating patients and the community about chiropractic care. The Iowa Chiropractic Clinic prides itself in serving patrons of all ages. From the initial consultation, diagnosis of back pain, neck pain or any other discomfort, our chiropractic clinic will provide you with the education of what causes the pain, how to alleviate the cause and remove the symptom of the pain itself. Pain is the way your body tells you there is something wrong. To treat the pain is not necessarily treating the underlying cause.

Services Offered: Chiropractic Care and Wellness

Address: 1710 W 1st St, Ankeny, IA 50023
Phone:  515-964-3000

Chiropractic Clinic of Iowa - Cedar Rapids, IA

Chiropractic Clinic of Iowa - Cedar Rapids, IA

Chiropractic Clinic of Iowa (CCI) is the premier destination for those living and working in the corridor for the ultimate patient experience in chiropractic. This experience starts with our knowledgable and caring staff that, in partnership with our doctors, provide the highest quality of chiropractic care. The doctors design individual treatment plans in order to meet the specific treatment goals of every patient. We also have an extensive therapy department here for our patient’s convenience. We are able to provide core strengthening, electrical muscle stimulation and decompression in addition to chiropractic adjustments to help you achieve optimal health.

Constantly striving to give his patients the most up to date care possible Dr. Bradley is dedicated to continuing education. He keeps abreast of the field’s research, as well as attending post graduate seminars in advanced chiropractic adjusting, diagnostic procedures, and nutrition. He focuses on exercise rehabilitation, ergonomics, injury prevention, and wellness. Dr. Bradley is trained in many treatment techniques and strives to specifically tailor treatment plans to what is best for each individual patient.

CCI provides a patient experience that is second to none – come find out for yourself!

Services Offered: Chiropractic Care

Address: 214 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
Phone: 319-378-1515

Iowa Chiropractic and Performance Center - Coralville, IA

Iowa Chiropractic and Performance Center - Coralville, IA

At Iowa Chiropractic and Performance Center, we are dedicated and passionate about providing you the best in evidence-informed care.  We are here to serve you.  We are an integrative health care clinic, utilizing resources from the medical community, physical therapy, chiropractic, and nutrition.

Our job is to help You live Your best life! We understand that everyone is unique in their needs, goals, and motivation, and we are looking forward to working toward your goals. We use conservative treatment methods to address movement impairment syndromes and bio-mechanical faults to relieve musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Common conditions treated include back pain, neck pain, headaches, chronic aches and pains, sports injuries, overuse syndromes, and many others.

Dr. Conrad Stalheim received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, FL. Prior to receiving his doctorate, Dr. Stalheim received a B.S. in Exercise Science and Kinesiology from Iowa State University. He is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association as well as being certified in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA).

Services Offered: Chiropractic adjustment, Soft Tissue & Manual Therapy, McKenzie Technique, Traction with Flexion-Distraction, Rehabilitation & Movement Coaching, Functional Movement Screening (FMS) and Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), Physiotherapy – Electric stim & Ultrasound, Lab Work, Nutritional Consulting and Supplements

Address: 410 1st Ave, Coralville, IA 52241
Phone: 319-351-9460

Total Health Chiropractic - Coralville, IA

Total Health Chiropractic - Coralville, IA

Total Health Chiropractic: Total Health Chiropractic’s mission is to provide the people and surrounding community of Coralville, Iowa, a healthcare based service that will help patients achieve and maintain their highest potential for health. Chiropractic health care focuses primarily on spinal function, integrity and its relationship to the nervous system and overall health. The science of chiropractic is based on the premise that good health depends, in part, on a normally functioning nervous system and its efficiency to communicate to the brain.

Chiropractic principle emphasizes that the body is a self-regulating, self-healing organism and that body function is controlled and coordinated by the brain, spinal cord and the nerves that branch throughout the body. The chiropractic approach to better health is to locate and remove spinal dysfunction and nerve interference, returning the body to its natural state of health and wellness. Total Health Chiropractic will promote chiropractic education to the public as well as provide quality chiropractic care, physiotherapy modalities, rehabilitation, and HydroMassage.

Services Offered: Chiropractic Care, Physical Rehabilitation, HydroMassage and Clinical Thermography

Address: 2201 E Grantview Dr #202, Coralville, IA 52241
Phone: 319-338-7025

Black & Gold Chiropractic & Wellness - Iowa City, IA

Black & Gold Chiropractic & Wellness - Iowa City, IA

Drs. Jake and Jess Young providing excellent chiropractic and wellness care for the greater Iowa City area. We look forward to serving you and your family! For Drs. Jess and Jake Young, getting patients to be active participants in their health care is an important part of the recipe for wellness.

The doctors’ inspiration for their company name came from the University of Iowa’s black and gold colors. “Everyone’s a Hawkeyes fan,” says Dr. Jake. Dr. Jake also attended the University of Iowa for his chiropractic school prerequisites and was a TA in Neurobiology. So it’s no surprise that he has a special fondness for the school’s colors.

Rather than serving as a practice that simply treats pain, Black & Gold Chiropractic & Wellness wants patients to play an integral part in their road to optimal health and wellness. Patients may, for example, perform manual traction exercises and different activities like that while in the office. The focus is on wellness and making them active and healthy.

Services Offered: Palmer Package, Sacro Occipital (SOT), Activator Method, Logan Basic, Impulse Adjusting Instrument, Extremities, Kinesio Taping, Pettibon, Chiropractic Biophysics, Webster’s Technique and Subluxation Station

Address: 401 S Gilbert St, Iowa City, IA 52240
Phone: 319-337-6000

Bowman Chiropractic Associates, PC - Iowa City, IA

Bowman Chiropractic Associates, PC - Iowa City, IA

Dr. Ryan and Christine Bowman are chiropractors at Bowman Chiropractic Associates, PC of Iowa City in Iowa City, IA. They both Graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1999. They have practiced in Iowa City or Coralville since that time co-managing a clinic that ranks in the top 5% of chiropractic clinics in the country.

Drs. Bowman are known for leading by example in health and wellness. They understand that patients appreciate receiving care and advice from doctors that live a wellness lifestyle themselves.

Services Offered: Chiropractic Care

Address: 2501 N Dodge St, Iowa City, IA 52245
Phone: 319-855-7629

Iowa City Family Chiropractic -  Iowa City, IA

Iowa City Family Chiropractic -  Iowa City, IA

At Iowa City Family Chiropractic you will find a warm and inviting atmosphere.  Whether you are looking for acute pain relief, wellness care, nutritional advice or looking for ways to improve your athletic performance we are the chiropractic office in Iowa City that can help you.

One of my professional goals is to learn as much as I can to always be improving the quality of service we provide. Areas that I have studied include but are not limited to nutrition, rehabilitation, treatment of children and pregnant females, athletic performance, and wellness care.

Iowa City Family Chiropractic is committed to serving the chiropractic needs of the greater Iowa City area. Our mission is to serve and improve the wellbeing of everybody no matter where they are on the health spectrum.

Services Offered: Chiropractic treatment and Adjustments  for subluxations, applied pressure, massage therapy, and manual manipulation of the vertebrae and joints

Address: 24 Sturgis Corner Dr, Iowa City, IA 52246
Phone: 319-688-2974

McDonald Chiropractic Care Clinic -  Iowa City, IA

We are a full service Chiropractic Care facility offering Chiropractic spinal adjustments as well as extremity manipulation, rehabilitation, acupuncture, and therapeutic modalities to reduce pain and promote healing.

Dr. McDonald is one of just a few chiropractors in the nation to hold advanced degrees and achieve certification in three separate specialties through postgraduate education (Board Certified Diplomate - Neurology, Board Certfied Diplomate - Orthopedics, Board Certified Diplomate - Acupuncture, as well as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician).

We will provide the best care possible combined with lifestyle recommendations and home therapies to facilitate your recovery, alleviate your pain and speed your healing time. If necessary, we will provide you with an exercise program in our full service rehabilitation/therapy department.

We provide all interested patients with a customized exercise program specific for their condition that they can do in the privacy of their own home. We will ensure that you receive the care you need to minimize the likelihood of a reoccurrence. Of course we also offer ongoing maintenance care to those patients that would like to maintain their health utilizing a preventive approach through chiropractic care.

Services Offered: Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture, Orthopedics, Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Ultrasound, Muscle Stimulation, Interferential Current, Clinical Traction and X-ray Examination

Address: 943 S Gilbert St, Iowa City, IA 52240
Phone: 319-338-2273

Iowa Chiropractic Center - Marion, IA

Iowa Chiropractic Center - Marion, IA

Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on attempting to treat disease once it occurs, Iowa Chiropractic Center, P.C. emphasizes improving your health in an effort to reduce the risk of pain and illness in the first place. Most people would rather be healthy and avoid illness, if they could. This is one of the main reasons for the big surge in the popularity of our wellness center.

For some, Iowa Chiropractic Center, P.C. will take them back to a place that is cozy and familiar, offering a rediscovery of health and wellness that had been previously known but long lost. For others, the journey may offer a new center, one never before experienced.

People are recognizing the benefit of seeking an alternative to traditional medicine; one that will help them achieve and maintain optimal health. Please take the time to meet the doctor, team, and our wellness network dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives. To fully understand the nature of your health we recommend you join our free website membership program. As a patient at Iowa Chiropractic Center, P.C. we will personally tailor a wellness program specifically targeted to your wellness needs using the least invasive yet highly-effective techniques and services.

Services Offered: Chiropractic Care, Corrective Exercises, Lifestyle Advice, Nutritional Counseling, Spinal & Postural Screenings

Address: 725 Blairs Ferry Rd, Marion, IA 52302
Phone: 319-393-2492