Your Wish Rock Relaxation Team wants you to know that we are here to completely support you through this time... from our family to yours.

On-time Delivery

Most of our items are continuing to ship on schedule and (mostly) on-time given the current situation. Please see our below chart -- we'll keep this up to date for you.

Wish Rock Relaxation - Covid 19 Update 3/27/20

Please note that you can always call us if you have questions--we are happy to help you however we can.  803-574-9474 (WISH)


On a personal note, I was supposed to be heading back from a week-long trip for spring break with my daughters.  Instead, the state of Colorado has entered into a complete Stay At Home order and we've all been pretty cooped up inside.  The good news is that we are still able to hike the beautiful mountain behind our house even if every other part our lives is anything but normal.  My guess is that soon even that will change and become off-limits.  Here's a pic from our hike yesterday.  You can see my daughter Ali and our pup Cora on the Cliffs above Golden - I was there with them til I left to take the pic. 



We find ourselves in completely unprecedented times with this pandemic; a time when we will all remember where we were and hopefully reflect on how we survived together and made the best of a pretty rotten situation.

We Americans are good at banding together when the going gets tough and winning wars when the odds were stacked against us.  We are tenacious, strong and driven to do the right thing.  This War against Covid-19 is no exception.

One of our suppliers, UltraComfort America, made the move this week dedicate over 50% of their workforce to begin sewing up PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in support of medical workers on the front lines.  We are so proud of UltraComfort's effort to make a difference.  

We are working closely with all of our manufactures and will do our best to keep this updated for your reference.  Please have a little patience with us and feel safe knowing that we will always give you the honest truth and are completely committed to getting you into the right chair at the right price.  Call us if in doubt or if you need something a little special that currently isn't offered on our site. 

Please know that we are doing the best we can to adapt to how the world is being shaped by this virus and we know that together, we can all defeat it.  Take this time to enjoy the extra hours of sleep you may be able to get with gym closures and the precious time with family that we often take for granted.  These are times that we will never forget and that hopefully teach us what is important.

Please stay safe ... and let us know how you are.
Joanna Walters
Top Rock @ Wish Rock Relaxation