Hey there, lower lumbar seekers! We understand the ache, and we've got the answer. What's the Best Massage Chairs for Lower Lumbar in 2024?

Let's kick things off with the Osaki OS-Ai Vivo 4D + 2D, a true lumbar champion. It targets your lower back with precision and care, ensuring you bid farewell to discomfort. Then there's the Osaki Solis 4D, a showstopper that understands how to pamper your lower lumbar, promising a luxurious experience like no other. The Osaki OS-Pro DuoMax 4D+ is a powerhouse in the world of lumbar care, offering relief that feels tailor-made just for you. The Otamic Pro 3D Signature is a gem, specializing in lumbar rejuvenation. And finally, the JPMedics KaZe 4D L-Track - it's a chair that knows how to provide that perfect touch, giving your lower lumbar the care it craves. 

Osaki OS-Ai Vivo 4D + 2D Massage Chair

The Osaki OS-Ai Vivo 4D + 2D Dual-Track Massage Chair is a market leading 4D massage chair that can massage your neck, back, glutes and hamstrings all at the same time. It features advanced AI Health monitoring, intelligent voice control, a touchscreen interface, and more. Suitable for people up to 6'3" and 260 pounds. 20.5" seat width | 22.5" shoulder width.

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4D + 2D (Dual Track) | SL-Track (Self Adaptive) | AI Health Monitor | Intelligent Voice Control | Body Scan | Zero Gravity | Full Body Air Massage (52) | Arm Rollers (3) | Foot Rollers (triple) + Kneading & Rubbing Calf Massage | Heat Therapy (lumbar) | 12 Auto Programs & 6 Manual | Footrest Extension (6") | Space Saver (3") | Bluetooth | Quick Controls | Wireless & USB Charging | Touchscreen Tablet

Osaki Solis 4D Massage Chair

Discover why the Osaki Solis 4D Massage Chair truly beats in stretch – a stretch so good, it's like a full inverted seat. Feel the dual-track 4D rollers dance along the SL-Track (190°) while you indulge in Intelligent Voice Control and unwind in Zero Gravity. Suitable up to 6'3" tall and 352 pounds w/ a seat width of 21" and a shoulder width of 19".

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4D (Dual-Track Rollers) | Flex-Track (190°) | Intelligent Voice Control | Zero Gravity | Full Body Air Massage (54) | Calf + Foot Rollers | Heat Therapy (lumbar) | 18 Auto Programs & 5 Manual | Automatic Footrest Extension (5") | Extended Calf Rest (13.5'') | Space Saver (10") | Bluetooth | Quick Controls | Touchscreen Tablet | Phone Holder + USB Charger

Osaki OS-Pro DuoMax 4D+ Massage Chair

Experience the STRONGEST Titan Osaki massage with the OS-Pro DuoMax 4D+ Massage Chair: Dual-Track Rollers, SL-Flex-Track, Health Detector, Voice Control, 2 Heating Cores, and more! Enjoy the best lower body massage, ankle massage, AI Health Scans, and intense compression and foot massage. Suitable for people up to 6'3" tall and 280 pounds w/ a seat width of 19" and a shoulder width of 22".

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4D (Dual-Track Rollers) | SL-Flex-Track | Intelligent Health Detector | Intelligent Voice Control | Heating Cores (2) | Zero Gravity | Full Body Air Massage (36) | Calf + Foot Rollers | Heat Therapy (lumbar & chest) | 20 Auto Programs & 11 Manual | Calf & Foot Rollers | Extendable Footrest (6.5'') | Space Saver (5.5") | Negative Oxygen Ions | Bluetooth | Quick Controls | Touchscreen Tablet | Wireless Charging + USB Charger

Otamic Pro 3D Signature Massage Chair by Osaki

The Otamic Pro 3D Signature is a 3D SL-Track w/ Intelligent Voice Control and 21 Auto Programs. Suitable for people up to 6'3" tall and 265#.

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3D SL-Track | Body Scan | Full Body Air Massage | 3 Step Zero Gravity | Intelligent Voice Control | 21 Auto Programs & 6 Manual | Foot & Calf Rollers | Heat Therapy (Lumbar) | Extendable Footrest | Bluetooth

JPMedics KaZe 4D L-Track Massage Chair

The revolutionary JPMedics Kaze 4D L-Track Japan Massage Chair comes w/ the Chair Doctor AI system that identifies your aches/pains & creates a unique program just for you. Enjoy touchscreen tablet, brushless motors + much more. Suitable for up to 6'3" | 320 #.

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4D Brushless Vario-Motion Robot | L-track (53") | Chair Doctor AI | Voice Control (Alexa / Google Voice) | Quicker Response Time | Memory (3) | Body Scan | Ext Heat Therapy (lumbar, seat, knee, calves) | Tri-Action Foot Rollers | 16 Auto Programs | Touchscreen Tablet | USB-C | Quick Control w Intensity Dial | Space Saver (1") | Japan Chair | 6 Languages | Chromotherapy 2.0 (8)

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