What is Zero Gravity?

What is Zero Gravity? - Wish Rock Relaxation

You may have noticed that many of our massage chairs include Zero Gravity Technology. Apart from sounding cool, it actually has a very healthful purpose.

ZERO GRAVITY:  Noun- the state or condition of lacking apparent gravitational pull: weightlessness.

The position was designed by NASA engineers to take the stress off astronauts’ bodies as they escape Earth’s gravitational pull during liftoff. This reclined position in which they sit (at a 90/90 degree angle with the knees and hip positioned at 90 degrees with the spine) distributes the stresses of takeoff across their bodies in a much safer way and removes all pressure from the spine.

What does this mean for us Earth dwellers? Sitting as the astronauts do has several benefits:

  • It allows for a deeper, more relaxing massage.
  • It promotes circulation in the legs and reduces swelling.  
  • It takes pressure away from your spine.
  • You will experience increased lung function when your body enters into a calm state while reclined.
  • You will feel increased relaxation of the neck and back.
  • Enhanced relaxation.  The combination of the above, along with feeling weightless (!) allows the entire body and mind to succumb to an enhanced state of relaxation.

The Zero Gravity technology is featured on most massage chairs that are currently for sale on Wish Rock Relaxation.  Here are some of our favorites:

If replacing your existing uncomfortable recliner is needed, we have a wonderful collection of handsome Zero Gravity Recliners found here:  Zero Gravity Recliners.


Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-610

This chair can be fully customized to both wood finish and its premium upholstery color to beautifully match your decor.  It also features a very smooth power recline, allowing you to position your recline angle and leg elevation independently into infinite comfort positions.  Human Touch's zero gravity chairs are the best in the industry and are endorsed by physicians as the "healthiest way to sit." You'll also find an elongated head pillow, extended armrests, and ergonomic lumbar support to fully immerse yourself in this comfortable and luxurious "Perfect Chair."

If you'd love the added comfort of a massage while you are in zero gravity, check out our collection here:  Zero Gravity Massage Chairs.




Featuring 2 stage zero gravity, the Altera is designed to give the ultimate relaxing massage to users ranging in height from 4'9" to 6'2".  It has a 49" L-Track, which provides a powerful deep tissue massage from your neck all the way down to the glutes and thighs.  3 width settings and 6 levels of speed adjustment give you control to adjust to your size - your massage, your way.  The massage mechanism features 4 massaging heads that are designed to mimic the massaging motions of the human hand, making you feel as though you have a personal masseuse. This chair has so many great features and is currently on sale for $1,000 OFF at Wish Rock Relaxation! 



 The Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber 2.0 is feature rich and on sale!  Customize your massage whether you prefer deep tissue, vigorous massage, or a more gentle touch.  It's evolved 3D massage technology allows the rollers to not only move up and down, but also in and out, protruding up to 3.15" to give you an amazing massage.  Computer Body Scan and 2-stage zero gravity ensure you will reach bliss in no time!  Find this chair at the link above, now for $1,000 off with financing available.


human touch novo xt massage chair

Need a hug after a long day?  This chair will give it to you!  It helps athletes and professionals of any level prepare for, and recover from, strenuous workouts and work days. It's sleek design will be the envy of your friends and offers the ultimate massage experience.  3D technology mimics the hands of a world-class masseuse, and a 50" unibody L-Track design covers over 60% more of your body than conventional massage chairs.  Relax into zero gravity, turn on its bluetooth speaker system, and recharge your body, mind and spirit!  This chair is currently $1,000 off with FREE white glove delivery.

 Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions!  Our relaxation experts are ready to serve world class customer service and put you in the perfect chair for your needs and budget.  Reach out to us at 803-574-9474 to find the best chair for you at the best price around with our lowest price guarantee.  

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