Titan Osaki in the Spotlight

Titan Osaki in the Spotlight - Wish Rock Relaxation

If you've been looking at massage chairs at all, you've likely come across the Titan Osaki family of brands headquartered in Carrollton, Texas -- just outside of the Dallas area.  I had the opportunity to visit their headquarters first-hand last year and to try out many of the chairs that have become favorites.  In the next month, I plan on making another visit and taking quite a few videos to really share the experience of their chairs and feel for the company.

Titan Chair - Osaki Titan Carrollton, TX headquarters just outside of Dallas

Under the family umbrella of brands are the Titan, Osaki, Apex and Gallaxy brand names.  In the future, you'll know that when you see any of these brands, they are all from the same company.

Early last November, I flew out to Dallas for the day where I first visited Luraco and then headed up to Titan Osaki.  I really needed to allot an entire day to my Titan Osaki visit to truly do it justice.  I was immediately greeted by my (then pregnant) rock star rep, Rachel Blackburn.  She showed me around the facility and introduced me to her peers, the President of the company, Michael Cha, and even many members of the customer service team that have helped me over the past year with some of your orders that required more attention.  

Rachel helped me to experience first-hand the essence of the company and the heart and soul behind the brand.  She took me to lunch and we shared thoughts on how to collectively grow together.  I only wish that I had had more time with them all.

One of the unique things about Titan is that they are constantly innovating and developing new massage chair models in order to meet your every need.  Most of their chairs are manufactured in China with the exception of the Japan Line.  Their designs are always on the cutting edge of design, function and quality.  I have to admit that as I was in their showroom, I was blown away by the many choices and not quite sure exactly where to start.  As an aside, I also want to share that the chairs look and feel much better in person than the pictures indicate.  I can only imagine how you, my customers, feel as you embark on this journey.  That's why I go out of my way to really work hard to help you get into a chair that matches your desired features with your budget.

Osaki has been able to develop a very diverse line-up of chairs sure to meet your budget and needs.  In fact, this past year has seen the January release of the luxurious Osaki Pro Ekon 3D L-track chair with foot and calf rollers; the May release of the Osaki Pro Maestro--the world's first ever 4D L-track massage chair with heated rollers; the June release of the Osaki Pro Soho, an elegantly designed 4D S-track chair with heated rollers & a retractable ottoman at an affordable price;  the June release of the Titan Carina and Titan Lucas--two affordable (below $3000) L-track chairs with many upgraded features.

Osaki Pro Soho 4D Massage Chair with heated rollers and retracatable ottoman

All of the Titan Osaki chairs come with their 3 year standard warranty which covers in-home parts, labor and service + structural for the first year; Parts and structural for year two and structural for year three.  For an additional $250, you can add an extra 2 years to the warranty giving you 3 years total in-home parts, labor and service.

Titan Osaki has become one of the most trusted names in the industry for good reason.  I look forward to helping you with your massage chair purchase.  Stay tuned for some IG and FB lives during my visit to Texas in the next month.  I'm really hoping to bring you all some fabulous insight and intel into more of the inner workings of the Titan Osaki Family. 

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