Mega Motion and its Ultimate Power Recliner in the Spotlight

Mega Motion and its Ultimate Power Recliner in the Spotlight
Mega Motion and its Ultimate Power Recliner in the Spotlight banner


Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Mega Motion Lift Chairs, where we dive into the world of luxurious comfort and unrivaled relaxation. With a legacy dating back to 1992, Mega Motion has spent over 25 years redefining recliners and lift chairs.

From their headquarters in Exeter, Pennsylvania, to the creation of the groundbreaking Ultimate Power Recliner, the brand remains devoted to delivering supreme quality and comfort to its valued customers.

As you delve into this guide, discover a spectrum of power lift recliners, including the renowned Ultimate Power Recliner series, all proudly manufactured in the USA.

Join us on a journey that merges comfort with innovation, as we delve into the brand, showcase its diverse chair collection, and unveil the extraordinary features that set Mega Motion apart.

Unveiling Mega Motion: A Brand You Can Trust

Introducing Mega Motion, the Lift Chair experts with a wealth of 25 years in crafting comfort and excellence.

Among their exciting lineup, the Ultimate Power Recliner™ takes the lead, offering tailored seating positions, soothing massage features, and intuitive controls for an effortless reclining experience.

Plus, keep an eye out for their upcoming releases – they're committed to delivering exceptional products at a wallet-friendly cost, making them an appealing budget-friendly alternative.

But, the trust they have established is more important than merely the characteristics. Mega Motion has a good track record of producing excellent recliners that will have you exclaiming, "Ahhh, this is the life!".

They take their craft seriously, pushing the boundaries of design and value in order to ensure your reclining experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Mega Motion is also dedicated to ensuring that you can unwind and take pleasure in your recliner for many years to come with their reliable warranty coverage.

So, my friends, when it comes to Lift Chairs, Mega Motion is the real deal. They've secured their position among the top contenders through their unwavering focus on quality, inventive design, and a sincere pledge to transform your relaxation aspirations into reality.

Get ready to experience the magic of Mega Motion Lift Chairs. Your bum and back will thank you, and your  restful time will never be the same.

Discover the Best in Lift Chairs: Mega Motion's Diverse Range

Get ready to explore Mega Motion's incredible collection of Lift Chairs. They've got a recliner for every body type, preference, and relaxation need. Check out the highlights of their diverse range:


Sizes: Mega Motion offers recliners in various sizes to ensure a perfect fit for everyone. Mega Motion provides a chair that will feel like it was built specifically for you, no matter what your body type. The following alternatives are available:

  • Petite lift chairs:  Suitable for people who are 5'" to 5'6" tall and weigh up to 325 pounds. Generally, a 19" wide seat.

  • Medium: Suitable for people who are 5’1'" to 5'8" tall and weigh up to 325 pounds. Generally, a 22" wide seat.

  • Medium-wide: Suitable for people who are 5’6'" to 6" tall and weigh up to 500 pounds. Generally, a 26" wide seat.

  • Large: Suitable for people who are 5’6'" to 6’2" tall and weigh up to 375 pounds. Generally, a 19" wide seat.

  • Large-wide: Suitable for people who are 5’8'" to 6" tall and weigh up to 500 pounds. Generally, a 26" wide seat

Positioning Options

Positioning Options: Prepare to be amazed by the positioning options available with Mega Motion's Lift Chairs.  Find the perfect angle for ultimate relaxation and enjoy the freedom to adjust your seating position at will. They've got it all covered:

    • Infinite positioning: Lift chairs with infinite positions allows you to enjoy not only standard lift and recline features but also the zero gravity position, whereby many chiropractors consider to be the "healthiest way to sit." With Mega Motion’s Lift chairs for elderly, you can also easily switch to the Trendelenburg position, which contributes to one’s overall well-being. Such functionality reclines slightly further back than the zero gravity position, placing the legs above heart level with a deeper recline, creating more of an "L" shape.

    • Zero gravity lift chairs:  With the Real Zero Gravity Recline function, your back is softly reclined as your legs are raised to or just above your heart level. This will gracefully fit your body, delicately support your limbs, and gently cradle your neck, spine, and head.

    • 3-position recliners: Features three positions—Upright, TV/reading, and Recline—for your particular comfort and enjoyment.


    Special Features:

    Mega Motion understands that a little extra pampering goes a long way. That's why their Lift Chairs come packed with special features to enhance your comfort and enjoyment. 

      • Heat + Vibration Massage:

        Indulge in soothing warmth and rejuvenating vibrations with Mega Motion's heat and vibration massage feature. These Lift chairs with heat and massage provide ultimate relaxation and relieve muscle tension.

        • Foot Rest Extension:

          Extend your comfort to new heights with the footrest extension feature, allowing you to fully stretch out and enjoy a blissful reclining experience.

          • USB:

          Stay connected and powered up with the built-in USB port, conveniently located within reach, making it easy to charge your devices while you relax in your Mega Motion’s Lift chairs with USB ports.

          • Whisper Quiet Recline & Lift:

          You may quickly enter the reclined position, zero gravity, or even the Trendelenburg position with the proprietary Whisper Silent Recline and Lift technology. You will like the quiet, easy-to-use chair that is smooth and noiseless. Experience the Piccolo's silent, limitless positioning.

          • Performance Fabrics:

          Mega Motion's fabrics are built to withstand the test of time. With a "heavy-duty" rating and over 15,000 double rubs for durability, they offer long-lasting performance. These fabrics also feature an impenetrable moisture barrier, making them resistant to stains and odors. 

              Unleashing the Ultimate Power Recliner Line

              Welcome to the world of pure luxury and innovation—the Ultimate Power Recliner line by Mega Motion. The pinnacle of comfort and style, these recliners are the top of the line. Join us as we explore the remarkable features and craftsmanship that set these recliners apart from the competition. Buckle up!


              Ultimate Power Recliners

              Let's start with the exclusive features that make the Ultimate Power Recliners a true game-changer. Prepare to be amazed by the customizable positioning options. Whether you want to sit upright, kick back and relax, or find that sweet spot in between, these recliners have got your back, literally! Choose the angle that best suits your comfort demands and easily adjust your seating posture.


              vibration massage and heating options

              Yet, there's still more! Say goodbye to stress and tension as you indulge in the integrated vibration massage and heating options. These recliners have built-in massage systems that target key pressure points, melting away your worries with every stroke. And if that's not enough, the heating feature will envelop you in soothing warmth, providing the ultimate relaxation experience.


              100% silicone-made Organic Verde-Tec

              Now let's talk craftsmanship. Each Ultimate Power Recliner is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted with precision and care. Moreover, the Ultimate Power ReclinerTM offers 100% silicone-made Organic Verde-Tec and Performance Textiles from Lexi Sta-Kleen in a range of colors.


              crafted within the USA

              Lastly, standing as a proud exception, the Ultimate Power Recliner is crafted within the USA. While Mega Motion predominantly manufactures its products in China, this specific collection is an embodiment of their commitment to premium quality. Every stitch, every contour, and every detail is carefully designed to create an unparalleled seating experience with the magic of American craftsmanship.


              Check out some of the standout products from the Ultimate Power Recliner line:

              Mega Motion Lay-Flat MM-3710 Infinite Position Lift Chair with 3-Zone Heat System

              Mega Motion Lay-Flat MM-3710 Infinite Position Lift Chair with 3-Zone Heat System

              At a very affordable price, the Mega Motion Lay-Flat MM-3710 Infinite Position Lift Chair delivers very sophisticated functions. Experience ultimate comfort with the Mega Motion Lay-Flat MM-3710 Lift Chair. It's infinite positioning, 3 zoned heating, zero gravity mode, Trendelenburg position, USB port, and emergency battery backup make it a top choice for relaxation. Indulge in customized comfort and stay connected while enjoying peace of mind. With a 19-inch seat width, the MM-3710 can accommodate users up to 375 pounds and between 5'6 and 6'2 tall. It is comparable to having a private spa in the convenience of your own home.

              Mega Motion Bariatric MM-7305 Lift Chair

              Mega Motion Bariatric MM-7305 Lift Chair

                Designed for those needing extra support and stability, this bariatric lift chair combines strength with comfort. Introducing the Mega Motion Bariatric MM-7305 lift chair, designed for maximum comfort and support. It's ideal for individuals looking for a dependable and strong recliner because it has a weight limit of up to 500 pounds and a roomy seat width of 26 inches. With the built-in USB connector, you can stay connected while having a piece of mind since it’s one of the lift chairs with battery backup. Experience the ultimate in comfort and convenience with Mega Motion. It's built to accommodate individuals of various sizes and provide a secure and cozy seating experience.

                Ultimate Power Recliner Venus NM-1652SO Infinite Position Lift Chair

                Ultimate Power Recliner Venus NM-1652SO Infinite Position Lift Chair

                  Introducing the Ultimate Power Recline Venus Lay-Flat Chaise Lounger, the perfect blend of advanced features and affordability. This Lift Chair by Mega Motion brings you an array of options, from Zero Gravity to Lay-Flat and Trendelenburg positions, all at a reasonable price. With a convenient battery backup and USB port, you can stay connected and worry-free. Plus, the pocketed coil springs ensure optimal comfort and support. Choose from a range of performance fabrics for a stylish and personalized touch.  It's suitable for individuals from 5'6" to 6'2" tall, weighing up to 375 pounds, with a spacious 20" seat width. Elevate your relaxation game with the Ultimate Power Recline Venus and indulge in pure comfort.  Made in the USA.

                  Ultimate Power Recliner Lunar HD NM-7001 3-Position Lift Chair


                  Ultimate Power Recliner Lunar HD NM-7001 3 Position Lift Chair

                    The Ultimate Power Recliner Lunar HD NM-7001 is here to revolutionize your comfort experience without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to concerns about getting up safely, as this chair comes equipped with a lift function and battery backup. It's one of the Lift chairs with independent footrest and backrest control with dual motors. You have the flexibility to independently adjust the footrest and backrest. Keep your essentials close at hand with convenient side pockets for storing magazines, newspapers, or remote controls. Designed for maximum comfort and support, the Ultimate Power Recliner Lunar features chaise pad construction and a standard glide extension footrest. It's suitable for individuals between 5'8" and 6" tall, with a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds and a spacious 26" seat width. Elevate your relaxation game with the Ultimate Power Recliner Lunar HD NM-7001 today!  Made in the USA

                    Mega Motion MM-3620 Dynamo Lift Chair with Standard Heat & Massage

                    Mega Motion MM-3620 Dynamo Lift Chair with Standard Heat & Massage

                      Elevate your comfort with the Mega Motion MM-3620 Dynamo lift chair. This incredible 3-position chaise lounger is packed with features like heat and vibration for the ultimate relaxation experience. With a battery backup and deeply padded arms, you can enjoy peace of mind and unparalleled comfort. Designed for individuals from 5'2" to 5'10" tall and up to 325 pounds, this chair is perfect for finding your ideal position. Don't compromise on quality or style - choose the Mega Motion MM-3620 Dynamo for an affordable and luxurious Lift Chair.

                      Mega Motion Burbank Chaise Lounger MM-3605 Lift Chair

                      Mega Motion Burbank Chaise Lounger MM-3605 Lift Chair

                      Experience ultimate comfort and convenience with the Mega Motion Burbank Chaise Lounger MM-3605 lift chair. This 3-position Lift Chair is equipped with a handy USB port, emergency battery backup, and an intuitive remote for easy control. Designed for individuals from 5.4" to 6" tall and up to 375 pounds, with a spacious seat width of 22", it offers a perfect fit for relaxation. Don't settle for anything less than the best - choose the Mega Motion MM-3605 for an affordable and luxurious Lift Chair experience.

                      Why Buy From Wish Rock?

                      Welcome to WishRock, a family-run and veteran-owned business that is dedicated to giving you a top-notch shopping experience. When you choose WishRock, you're not just buying a Lift Chair; you're becoming part of our family.

                      Here's why you should trust WishRock for all your Mega Motion Lift Chair needs:

                      1. Free Shipping: Say goodbye to extra shipping charges! We offer free shipping on all our Mega Motion Lift Chairs, ensuring that you receive your chair without any additional costs.

                      2. No Tax: Keeping your shopping experience as affordable as we can is our aim. Even if you’re in our home state of Colorado, we’ll pay the tax for you!

                      3. Lowest Price Guarantee: If you find the same Mega Motion Lift Chair at a lower price elsewhere, we'll match it or beat it.

                      4. Veteran / Family owned and operated. Our founder is a US Naval Academy Grad and was one of the first women to serve on warships.

                      5. World Class Customer Service - we do our best to help you however we can. When you purchase from Wish Rock Relaxation, you’re welcomed into our family.

                      6. Financing Options: We want to make your dream of owning a Mega Motion Lift Chair a reality. We’ve got lots of different options with 0% financing depending on your credit.

                      7. Safe and Secure Shopping: Our website uses 256-bit encryption to ensure that your personal information is protected during the purchasing process.

                      Don't simply take our word for it – explore a range of testimonial reviews, engaging videos, and insightful checkout comments that offer a diverse perspective on our dedication to exceptional service.

                      Even so, it goes beyond! Our Relaxation Experts are just a phone call away at 803-574-9474. Contact us if you require assistance placing an order, have questions, or simply want to discuss Lift Chairs. 

                      So why settle for anything less? Choose WishRock for the best Mega Motion Lift Chairs, unbeatable prices, exceptional customer service, and a hassle-free shopping experience. Join our family today and discover the true meaning of comfort and relaxation.

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