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Lift Chair Buying Guide - Wish Rock Relaxation

There are times in life when you just need a helping hand to stand up and sit down, due to mobility challenges, pain, or lack of muscle strength.  A lift chair can be a great solution, especially for those who may live alone. Using a chair that helps you stand will conserve energy, ease the burden of care on caregivers or family members, and increase safety from falls and the possibility of broken bones.  If you, or someone you love and care for, could use this help then Lift Chairs should be something to consider.

What is a Lift Chair?

A lift chair closely resembles a regular recliner.  They are the same in appearance, and the extendable footrest and recline position.  That, however, is where the similarities stop.  A lift chair has the added features of being controlled with the push of a button, allowing you to recline or stand up as the seat lifts and chair tilts forward.

Lift Chair

Who Benefits from a Lift Chair?

The benefits of a lift chair are many.  As we mentioned, it is a tremendous aid for those with mobility or balance challenges.  With optional heat and massage features, Lift Chairs also provide therapeutic benefits to those with stiff and sore joints, back pain, arthritis, and a variety of other conditions.

Many people even opt to sleep in their Lift Chairs rather than in their beds because of the variety of positions available. Most models can be reclined to a flat position, but can also be modified to different angles and elevations for maximum comfort.  For those who must keep their legs elevated while they sit or sleep, Lift Chairs are an ideal solution.  Recliner lift chairs that have the Zero Gravity Position like the StellarComfort line do a great job of controlling swelling in the lower legs.  The StellarComfort line has a patented positioning system which allows the user to easily go into Zero Gravity and even Trendlenburg which elevates the legs over the heart.

Types of Lift Chairs

Select a Lift Chair based on your comfort and needs.  Wish Rock Relaxation offers a variety to choose from:

Two-Position Lift Chair - Designed for increased comfort while reading or watching tv, this chair has a limited reclining backrest with an elevating ottoman.

2 position lift chair

Three-Position Lift Chair - This chair allows you to recline more fully for additional comfort, however without the full recline sleeping position.

3 Position Lift Chair

Infinite-Position Lift Chair - Designed with a full recline to a true sleeping position, with an independently elevating ottoman.  These typically have 2 motors and allow you to get into zero gravity position, ed and even Trendelenburg (legs elevated above the heart).

Infinite Position Lift Chair

Eclipse Positioning Lift Chair - The most advanced positioning system available in the industry today from UltraComfort America offering a unique 15 degree lift to the seatbox that relieves pressure points, minimize stress and maximize wellness with ergonomic positioning that can take the strain off your back and legs.  The chair "cradles" the body for a more relaxing experience and also allows for a great leg inversion.  The StellarComfort with Eclipse chairs come with 3 motors while the Montage with Eclipse come with 2 motors.

UltraComfort America Eclipse Positioning System

Freedom to Relax

Wish Rock Relaxation is dedicated to helping you find the perfect lift chair for your needs and budget.  We are proud to offer a very high-quality array of lift chairs from the best manufacturers available, all made here in the USA.

The UltraComfort StellarComfort line has designed lift chairs to perfectly fit a range of heights.   It comes with the patented positioning technology which allows you to independently adjust the footrest and the backrest independently in order to facilitate positions that place the feet above the heart reducing lower back pressure and any foot swelling.

They are fully customizable, with over 30 different fabric options, and offer optional heat and vibration massage therapy.  If you choose a fabric that is not guaranteed to be in stock, we will need to custom order and it could take 4-6 weeks.  The UltraPlush Brisa fabrics 

UltraComfort UC570 StellarComfort zero gravity lift chair with ECLIPSE Technology

UltraComfort has come up with a line of Lift Chairs perfect to meet your specific size needs.  You can choose to search by size, price and even feature.

Petite Lift Chairs are perfect for people up to 5'2" tall and 300 pounds.  Typically have seat width of 19-20" depending on the model.  

Medium Lift Chairs fit people from 5'3" - 5'11" tall and 375 pounds.  Typically a seat width of 21".

Large Lift Chairs were made for taller people from 5'11" - 6'2" tall and 375 pounds.  Typically a seat width of 23"

XL Lift Chairs were made for people upt o 500 pounds with a seat width of 26".


Here are a few more Lift Chairs we Love:

UltraComfort UC558-MLA Med/Large Zero Gravity Recliner Lift Chair w/ Eclipse

UltraComfort UC558-MLA Med/Large Zero Gravity Recliner Lift Chair w/ Eclipse

The brand new UltraComfort UC558 MLA with Eclipse Positioning Technology features the most advanced positioning system available in the market today coupled with the Smart Tek lift mechanism you've come to expect from UltraComfort America. The UC-558 is a part of the very popular flagship StellarComfort line.  This patent-pending technology is the industry’s first three-motor recline system which cradles your body with a tilting motion to create a weightless experience (think zero gravity).  The AutoDrive hand control will guide you through infinite positioning and two blue arrow buttons activate endless positions ranging from simple TV watching and TV Watching with Eclipse where the legs are elevated to heart level to a lounge experience, zero gravity, inverted zero gravity and even Trendelenburg.  All of these positioning options will truly amplify your comfort. Once your perfect relaxation position is found, the ZG and TV buttons are programmable for personalized and automatic comfort at the touch of a button.

UltraComfort UC794 Medium (375#) StellarComfort Zero Gravity Lift Chair

UltraComfort Zero Gravity Lift Chair

With the new Staller Comfort technology of the Ultra Comfort UC794 zero gravity lift chair/recliner, you will be able to highlight your formal decor while enjoying casual comfort in this classic design inspired by pub style.  With its well-tailored pillow back, coil seat construction and nailhead trim accents, you are sure to enjoy this chair more than ever.  At the push of a button, you can quietly (no loud motors here!) move into unlimited positions with the assistance of the patented AutoDrive hand control.  You'll have the option to choose from pre-preprogrammed positions or to manually adjust to the perfect position just for you.  The UltraComfort Medium Stellar Comfort UC794 was designed to fit people 5'3" - 5'11" and up to 375 lbs.  Heat and vibration massage therapy are available for a small additional fee. 


UltraComfort UC542-ME6 (500#) Montage Recliner Lift Chair

UltraComfort UC542-ME6 Montage Recliner Lift Chair

Designed with comfort and durability in mind, this Montage Lift Chair features a plush, generously stuffed seam back, better seat support and a more casual armrest design for hours of relaxation.  For a small additional fee, you can relax and soothe your muscles with the four-motor heat and massage system.  This chair offers 30 different fabric options to match your home and accommodates up to 500 pounds with a wider seat width of 26 inches across.

All of the lift chairs we have at Wish Rock Relaxation are designed with size, weight, budget, and needs in mind.  We invite you to reach out to our relaxation experts to find the perfect chair for you.  We also have financing available for those who need it.  Wish Rock cares for you and we look forward to providing you with excellent service!

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