Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair Review

Multiple heat zones

customizable premium leather pad sets

A brief overview of the Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with the Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair. This electric zero gravity recliner features zero gravity positioning, full body massage, independent operation of the backrest and legrest as well as shiatsu massage techniques to relieve stress and tension. 

This chair is perfect for the discerning eye of a professional decorator, as it is fully customizable – you can easily mix and match 3 different solid wood base options with 5 different premium leather pad sets.

Meet the industry favorite Human Touch® Gravis ZG Chair, designed for the wellness enthusiast who wants it all. The therapeutic advantages of zero-gravity seating are combined with wonderfully soothing air massage technology, multi-zone warming, and motorized adjustments for each component of the chair, including the headrest, in Gravis. 

Use the remote control that comes with the chair to adjust it, the quick control buttons on the side or download the Gravis ZG app to gain access to even more fantastic functions! Gravis offers outstanding control over your seating comfort along with relaxing neutral posture pain treatment thanks to its revolutionary design and sharp, clean aesthetics.

In this review, we'll take a closer look at the features that make the Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair, one of the best luxury zero gravity chair on the market.

Main Distinguishing Features

Get to know the main features that make the Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair stand out from other zero gravity chairs.

Air Massage Technology

The Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair enjoys soothing air massage technology all along your back and glutes, including a targeted lumbar air massage option. We've tried this out first-hand and completely loved the quality of the massage. We were surprised that the message was from air (it was that good!).

Fully Adjustable Seating

The Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair uses the remote control to individually power-adjust the headrest, backrest, and footrest for optimal support. You can move each part of the chair independently to find the perfect position to suit your needs. There are also quick controls accessible to recline and incline with touch buttons on the armrest.

Multiple Heat Zones

The Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair selects from three targeted heat zones on the back, seat, and leg areas that can be turned on separately, or simultaneously.

Targeted Muscle Benefits

The Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair allows you to choose from Massage, Stretch, and Lumbar air massage programs to soothe and relax your entire back.

Compact Design for Any Room

The Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair has a unique and compact design that will fit perfectly in many different rooms.  Available in deep Espresso or stunning Bone upholstery. Its minimized footprint makes this zero gravity chair a perfect option for rooms with limited space.  Enjoy a relaxing massage in any size living space, elevating your lifestyle and performance.

Pros & Cons

It's important to weigh the pros and cons to see if the Human Touch Gravis is the right fit for you. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of the Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair.


Wish Rock Relaxation

Zero Gravity positioning – your back will thank you for this later! By reclining back while lifting the legs to heart level, all the pressure is removed from your spine.

Wish Rock Relaxation

Incredible air massage technology with adjustable intensity — along your back and glutes.

Wish Rock Relaxation

Multiple heat zones to soothe muscles and joints (back, seat, and leg areas).

Wish Rock Relaxation

Fully customizable: you can mix and match the solid wood base (3 options here – Beech, Black and Mahogany) with 5 different soft and supple premium leather options (Gray, Saddle, Sand, Bone and Black).

Wish Rock Relaxation

Targeted Muscle Benefits: Massage, Stretch, and Lumbar air massage programs.

Wish Rock Relaxation

Flexible positioning – headrest, backrest, and footrest— that you may customize to your tastes and body shape.

Wish Rock Relaxation

A versatile chair that can fit larger and smaller individuals (5'0" - 6'2" tall and up to 400lbs).

Wish Rock Relaxation

Want to seamlessly operate your chair with your phone? The HT Gravis is supported with an iOS and Google Play app.

Wish Rock Relaxation

Have a smaller space - the Gravis is perfect for you as it’s also a Space Saver and only requires 3” behind the wall for placement.

Wish Rock Relaxation

Comes with a 5-Year Limited Warranty for an additional $299, which covers 3 years of in-home parts/labor/service and 5 years of structural.


Wish Rock Relaxation

Expensive: as with any luxury item, the Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair comes with a higher price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair.

Q: What are the height and weight requirements?

A: The Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair can accommodate users up to 5'0" - 6'2" and up to 400 pounds. Also, the Human Touch Gravis ZG has a 24” seat width.

Q: What are the doorway requirements?

A: The Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair is designed specifically to fit through standard-size 30" household doorways.

Q: What kind of warranty does this come with?

A: The Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair comes with a 5-year limited warranty which covers 3 years of in-home parts/labor/service and 5 years of structural.  A 5-year Extended Warranty is available for an additional $299.

Q: What is the assembly like?

A: The Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair requires some assembly, but it comes with a clear instruction manual and all the necessary tools. The set-up can be completed fast if you are skilled at putting furniture together. You will need to attach the armrests, body pad, head pillow, and remote pocket. Start by aligning the armrests with the corresponding tabs on the chair arm, then flip the backrest portion of the pad forward onto the seat. Next, plug in the chair, take a seat, and press the Power button on the remote to turn it on. To install the body pad, smooth it down over the leg rest and seat, and then thread the head pillow straps through the retaining strap on the back of the headrest. Finally, unzip the backrest fabric panels and flip them to each side. Lastly, breaking down and recycling the boxes after installation will be the most challenging part.

Q: Can I customize the intensity of the massage?

A: Yes, you can select from the three preset massage options on the Gravis ZG Recliner Wave Therapy air massage system to take charge of a soothing massage, a therapeutic spinal stretch, or a targeted lumbar stretch. The back, seat, and/or leg region can also be heated.

Q: How far can the chair sit from the wall?

A: The Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair doesn't need much space to work its magic. With its space-saving design, you only need a rear clearance of 3 inches from the wall. That means it's ideal for those cozy corners and small spaces where every inch counts.

Real Customer Reviews

The Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair has received plenty of good testimonials from verified buyers.

Overall, the reviews for the Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair are overwhelmingly positive. It's clear that this chair has helped many people to relax and relieve stress in the comfort of their own homes.

Read more customer testimonials here! Now, here are some reviews that we found particularly insightful:

Final Thoughts

After reviewing the Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair, it's clear that this is a top-of-the-line zero gravity chair that offers a range of features to help you relax and unwind. This includes Air Massage Technology, Fully Adjustable Seating, Multiple Heat Zones, Targeted Muscle Benefits, Fully Customizable  and Compact Design for Any Room. 

Notably, the Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair features fully adjustable seating (which enables users to find the ideal posture for their bodies) and is one of this chair's distinctive features. Also, the air massage technology targets all the body's muscles, and it has several heat zones to promote relaxation. Due to its small size, the chair works well in every space of the house and it’s easy to blend in with your specific decor as it is fully customizable by base and premium leather padset options.

In conclusion, the Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair is unquestionably something to think about whether you experience back discomfort or simply want to rest and relax after a hard day. This neat-looking and modern design chair is certain to become a beloved addition to your house thanks to its outstanding range of functions and capacity to promote profound relaxation. So why not reward yourself with this amazing zero gravity chair for the best in relaxation?

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