Health Mate Inspire Near & Far Infrared Sauna Series Review

A brief overview of the Health Mate Inspire Near & Far Infrared Sauna Series

Introducing the Health Mate Inspire Near & Far Infrared Sauna Review Series, encompassing both the Health Mate Inspire 2 and Health Mate Inspire 3 models, with their distinctive sizes being the only differentiating factor. These cutting-edge sauna models offer a combination of near and far infrared therapy, providing you with a host of incredible benefits for your mind, body, and soul. 

Want to perspire even more quickly with greater muscle penetration? The brand-new Inspire series elevates the Enrich series to a whole new level. We introduce the Health Mate Inspire Series in an effort to enhance perfection from our Enrich series. This technologically advanced model has captivated the industry's attention and imagination. 

Health Mate has once again lifted the bar by using the only Tecoloy Max heaters available on the market, going beyond therapeutic benefits and dependable performance to dedicated attention to consumer safety and a satisfactory return on investment. The sauna of the century has been produced by Health Mate by combining cutting-edge functionality with the use of its new application. Prepare to unwind in the utmost comfort and style with the Sauna therapy for relaxation and stress relief.

We'll delve further into the features, benefits, and general experience of using this sauna in this Health Mate Inspire series review. Prepare to start a journey toward rejuvenation, detoxification, and relaxation!

Main Distinguishing Features

When it comes to the Health Mate Inspire Near & Far/ Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas, excellence is the name of the game. Here are the top features that set these saunas apart from the rest:

Solid Eucalyptus Natural Wood

Elevating the sauna experience, Health Mate introduces a new era with the use of meticulously selected, 100% solid natural Eucalyptus Wood. Departing from the traditional cedar, our saunas now embrace the remarkable qualities of eucalyptus, sourced responsibly for sustainability. Recognized for its durability against high temperatures and humidity, eucalyptus presents an environmentally conscious alternative. Beyond its eco-friendliness, eucalyptus boasts rich, cedar-like aesthetics, growing faster while offering natural anti-microbial properties, and resistance to rot, decay, and moisture. With complete oversight of production through our Indonesian facility, the enduring appeal of eucalyptus shines, as it resists cracking and warping unlike inferior alternatives. A testament to our commitment, each plank is 100% natural and non-toxic, serving your well-being and the planet's. Expect lasting quality with eucalyptus, a choice both modern and sustainable.

Ultra-Low EMF TruInfra™ Heater

Almost all brands offering full-spectrum infrared saunas are doing so with extremely dangerous food heat lamps that produce dangerously high EMF and are never positioned close enough to the body to achieve the benefits they are marketed for. Health Mate has developed a revolutionary near-infrared LED panel capable of producing between 600-900nm. Light therapy—or photobiomodulation (PBM) as it’s technically called is safer, more effective and a smarter way to achieve the benefits of red light therapy and near-infrared. The clinical evidence supporting the benefits of red and near-infrared light is extensive.

110 Diode Chromotherapy lighting

Published studies show benefits from almost all wavelengths in the mid-600nm range to the low to mid 800nm range. That’s because these wavelengths have the greatest effect on the cellular respiration process. The Inspire Series features 110 LED Diodes.

Patented Professional Series Interior & Exterior Controllers

Unique to all Health Mate Inspire Saunas is the patented Interior and Exterior Professional Series Controllers -- now you have the ability to start your sauna before you walk in with the app while you’re lying in bed or coming home from work and also to control the heat from within the sauna. Talk about convenience.

Exterior Lighting + Chromotherapy

Want to experience true full spectrum without the use of high EMF food lamps? There is absolutely no sauna on the market that competes with our Inspire and Restore models. We’ve combined our patented Tecoloy™ heaters that produce both mid and far-infrared with a state of the art near-infrared LED panel.

Floor Heater

The Health Mate Inspire Sauna Series features a convenient floor heater.

Lower Back Heater

The Health Mate Inspire Sauna Series features a lower back heater.

100% Toxic-Free

The wood typically used in almost all other saunas in the industry is not naturally antimicrobial often causing a significant amount of mold and mildew. Considering that the purpose of a sauna is to induce an enormous amount of sweat and water secretion, it is natural for a lot of moisture to fall onto the wooden bench and floorboard. That same moisture sits and soaks into the wood without any real ventilation or air circulation creating an environment very conducive to mold. According to FEMA, mildew and mold starts to grow within 24-48 hours. All Health Mate Saunas are completely safe and free of mold and toxins due to their inherently antimicrobial nature versus the other options available today.

Mirrored Privacy Glass

If you're worried about modesty during your session, you will enjoy the standard mirrored privacy glass of the Health Mate Inspire Series.

Ergonomic Backrest

The Health Mate Inspire series is equipped with an ergonomic backrest which will enhance your overall experience. No longer will you need to also practice your posture for 20-30 min while enjoying your sauna session. The ergonomic backrest makes it effortless.

Aromatherapy, Magazine Holder & Towel Rack

One of the thoughtful features of the Health Mate Inspire Series of Full Spectrum Saunas is the included Aroma Cup to diffuse your favorite aromatherapy. Many of our customers also like to read during their sauna session. Now you have a very convenient place to store your reading materials when not in use. It all wouldn't be complete without a handy towel rack for all the sweating you'll be doing.

Pros & Cons

Let's break down the fantastic perks and some things to consider when it comes to the Health Mate Inspire 2 and Inspire 3 Near & Far/ Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas. Get ready for a joyride of sauna goodness!


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Comprehensive Health Benefits: The Inspire series offers Full Spectrum infrared heat. This holistic approach provides benefits such as targeted pain relief, enhanced cell health, skin rejuvenation, and support for wound healing.

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Start your sauna from the convenience of your phone while on the go or even in bed. Your Inspire Sauna will be ready for you when you want it with this remote start and control.

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Solid Eucalyptus Natural Wood: the top-notch eucalyptus wood not only looks stunning, but also lasts longer than your average sauna. Plus, the aroma will transport you to a peaceful forest retreat—minus the mosquitoes!

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Don't worry, we won't fry you like a chicken! The TruInfra™ Heater emits ultra-low electromagnetic fields (EMF), keeping you safe and sound during your sauna adventure. Relaxation without the worry? Yes, please! Also, The Health Mate Inspire sauna series are armed with an upgraded heater mechanism, zapping away those minutes and zipping you into a toasty paradise faster than ever.

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Let there be light! Illuminate your well-being with the Health Mate Inspire sauna's 110 Diode Chromotherapy lighting. Experience a spectrum of benefits: Green light combats seasonal blues, Blue light fights acne and migraines, Purple light reduces anxiety, Red light stimulates skin vitality, Orange light brings cheerfulness, and Yellow light enhances positivity.

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Take control of your sauna experience like a pro! Thanks to the Patented Professional Series Interior & Exterior Controllers, you can easily adjust the temperature and customize your sessions to perfection.

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Tense lower back? Not anymore! This sauna has a specialized lower back heater that targets those stubborn knots and melts them away. Sayonara, back pain!

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Ahh, the sweet embrace of comfort! The ergonomic backrest of the Health Mate Inspire Series are designed to cradle you in relaxation. Lean back, feel the support, and let your worries melt away.

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Get ready to groove and sweat to the rhythm! The Health Mate Inspire sauna series are your personal DJ, complete with built-in Bluetooth+ AM/FM Radio functionality.

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Prepare for the ultimate pampering session! With the built-in aromatherapy, you can add delightful scents to enhance your sauna bliss. Plus, there's a handy magazine holder and towel rack within arm's reach—everything you need for a perfect sauna getaway!

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Enjoy peace of mind with the Health Mate Inspire sauna's solid lifetime warranty. This reputable brand stands behind their product, ensuring long-lasting quality and customer satisfaction.


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Sorry, no sauna parties with your friend group here. At the maximum limit, the Health Mate Inspire 2 can only fit 2 adults comfortably. And the Health Mate 3 can only fit up to 3.

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If you're tight on space at your house, these saunas might not be the best fit. Make sure you have a dedicated spot for your wellness sanctuary.

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Higher price point: Quality comes at a price, and the Health Mate Inspire Saunas are no exception — not a budget-friendly option.

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Keep in mind that the Health Mate Inspire saunas require a dedicated electrical circuit and proper power supply. Make sure you have the necessary power requirements in your home to ensure optimal performance and safety. Don't worry, though—it's a small price to pay for the incredible benefits you'll experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got burning questions about the Health Mate Inspire Near & Far / Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas? We've got answers hotter than a sauna session! Let's dive in:

Q: What are the dimensions and capacity of the Health Mate Inspire 2 and Inspire 3 Near & Far / Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna?

A: The Health Mate Inspire Near & Far Infrared Sauna Series offers dimensions and capacities that cater to your preferences. For the Health Mate Inspire 2, revel in a snug interior measuring approximately 4 feet by 4 feet and over 6 feet in height, with exterior dimensions of 47.5 inches in width, 43.5 inches in depth, and 78 inches in height. Enjoy peaceful solo sessions or cozy partner time. Meanwhile, the Health Mate Inspire 3 welcomes you with spacious luxury, boasting exterior dimensions of 59.5 inches in width, 43.5 inches in depth, and 78 inches in height, and an interior measuring 56 inches in width, 40 inches in depth, and 73 inches in height. Embrace the generous space and let the soothing infrared envelop you in comfort.

Q: What kind of warranty does the Health Mate Inspire 2 and Inspire 3 Near & Far / Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna come with?

A: The Health Mate Inspire 2 and Inspire 3  Near & Far / Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna come with a manufacturer-backed warranty that ensures peace of mind. The Tecoloy™ heaters, the heart, and soul of this sauna are protected by a fantastic FREE lifetime warranty. That's right, lifetime coverage! Additionally, the carbon heaters have a warranty of 5 years, while the craftsmanship and electrical components are covered for 5 years too. For audio components and the lighting remote, you'll enjoy a warranty of 1 year. We provide a 1-year warranty if you intend to use this sauna for business purposes. Just relax and leave the rest to us!

Q: Can the Health Mate Inspire 2 and Inspire 3 Near & Far / Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna be easily assembled?

A: Absolutely! Our standard technique has made assembly a snap with our user-friendly instructions. You may also watch the assembly video for a visual guide. The Health Mate Inspire Near & Far Infrared Sauna Series, including the Inspire 2 and Inspire 3 models, ensures a seamless assembly experience. Featuring a user-friendly latch-buckle system, the panels effortlessly click into place, bringing your sauna to life within just 30 minutes. Easily connect wires, handle cords, and secure panels using the Easy Click system. Whether assembling the Inspire 2 or Inspire 3, you'll have your sauna ready to provide blissful sessions of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Q: Are the Health Mate Inspire 2 & 3 Near & Far / Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas energy-efficient?

A: Concerned about energy efficiency? Rest assured! Both the Inspire 2 and Inspire 3 models are thoughtfully crafted to optimize energy usage. By harnessing advanced infrared technology, these saunas directly heat your body, minimizing energy wastage. Traditional saunas heat the air around you, but our infrared approach prioritizes targeted warmth for enhanced therapeutic benefits. With these models, you can relish the soothing effects of sauna therapy while being kind to both the environment and your energy bills.

Q: What are the health benefits associated with using the Health Mate Inspire 2 and Inspire 3 Near & Far / Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas?

A: Experience a realm of holistic well-being with the Health Mate Inspire Near & Far Infrared Sauna Series. The Health Mate Inspire 2 sauna beckons with a plethora of benefits, from relaxation and stress relief to improved circulation, pain relief, weight loss support, and muscle recovery. Meanwhile, the Health Mate Inspire 3 sauna offers a haven for both body and mind, promoting relaxation, stress relief, lowered blood pressure, detoxification, immune system enhancement, wound healing, improved skin health, weight loss, and pain relief through Near infrared therapy.

Real Customer Reviews

Looking for real-life experiences with the Health Mate Inspire 2 and Inspire 3  Near & Far / Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

These are just a few glimpses of the positive experiences people are having with the Health Mate Inspire 2 and Inspire 3  Near & Far / Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas . If you want to dive deeper into the world of satisfied customers, check out their product pages for more reviews and testimonials. 

Here are some statements from verified buyers who have already embarked on their sauna journey:

Wrap Up

In conclusion, the Health Mate Inspire Near & Far Infrared Sauna Series Review introduces a world of relaxation, rejuvenation, and wellness through its exceptional sauna models. The Health Mate Inspire 2 and Health Mate Inspire 3 saunas truly offer an unparalleled experience.

Picture yourself embraced by the Solid Eucalyptus Natural Wood sauna, enveloped in the soothing warmth of the Ultra-Low EMF TruInfra™ Heater while basking in the glow of the 110 Diode Chromotherapy lighting. The patented Professional Series Interior & Exterior Controllers enhance your sauna journey, with exterior lighting and chromotherapy creating a serene ambiance.

However, the Health Mate Inspire sauna series are not only about relaxation – they're hubs of health benefits too. From detoxification and improved circulation to pain relief and weight loss, these saunas cater to diverse wellness needs. These near-infrared saunas for pain relief and detoxification also support healthy weight loss.

Constructed with 100% toxic-free materials and featuring mirrored privacy glass, these saunas ensure worry-free sessions. The ergonomic backrest adds comfort, while amenities like aromatherapy, magazine holders, and towel racks provide a touch of luxury.

So, why hesitate? Dive into the extraordinary advantages of the Health Mate Inspire 2 and Inspire 3  Near & Far / Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas. Whether you seek relaxation, detoxification, stress relief, or muscle recovery, these saunas accompany you on your wellness journey. Bid farewell to everyday stress and greet a healthier, happier you. Prepare to embrace a sauna experience like never before!

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