Black Friday - Titan Osaki 'Flat Fee' Returns

Hey there, holiday shoppers! We're making your shopping spree even merrier by slashing return fees for all Titan Osaki chairs. Check out our exclusive Black Friday deals on Titan Osaki chairs, enjoy incredible Titan Osaki massage chair discounts, and familiarize yourself with the unbeatable Titan Osaki 'Flat Fee' Returns policy. Dive into the details of our Titan Osaki massage chair return policy during Black Friday to make the most of your shopping experience.

Ready to recline in style? Here are the guidelines to keep things crystal clear:

 You've got a generous 30-day window to test your chair, counting from the ship date.

Your return fee? Just a sweet $250 flat rate—no hidden costs! Forget about those pesky restocking and handling fees. We won't charge you a dime.

If you don't have the box, don't sweat it. We'll provide white-glove pickup for an extra $250, totaling $500. Remember, those white-glove delivery fees aren't refundable, so choose wisely.

Shopping made easy, returns made hassle-free. Happy chair hunting with our Flat Fee Returns on this exciting Black Friday!

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