Black Friday Gift Guide 2023

Hey there, savvy shoppers! Are you ready to experience the most relaxing and budget-friendly Black Friday ever? Dive into the ultimate Black Friday gift shopping guide featuring our best deals on massage chairs.Β  Get ready to unwind, because these deals are too good to miss!

1. Osaki OP-4D Master Massage Chair:

This Black Friday, snag the Osaki OP-4D Master model, previously $13,999, at an unbelievable $8,999! That's a jaw-dropping savings of $5,000! And guess what? It comes with a chair cover and cleaning kit for free! 🎁

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2. Osaki OS-Pro Admiral II Massage Chair:

Imagine getting the Osaki OS-Pro Admiral II, originally $6,999, for just $3,999! That's a mind-blowing $3,000 off! Plus, enjoy peace of mind with a free extended warranty. Talk about a steal! πŸ’Έ

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3. Kyota Kenko M673:

The Kyota Kenko M673, valued at $6,999, is now yours for only $3,999! Get a free white glove service and a 3-year extended warranty. You're saving a whopping $3,000! Prepare to be pampered! 🌟

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4. Kyota Kaizen M680:

Looking for more value? How about the Kyota Kaizen M680, originally $5,999, for just $2,999! This incredible deal includes a free white glove service and a brand-new advantage massage gun. It’s a fantastic $3,000 off! πŸŽ‰

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5. Rockertech Sensation 4D:

Indulge in the Rockertech Sensation 4D, previously $6,999, now at a jaw-dropping $3,999! That's a whopping $3,000 in savings! Your ticket to relaxation just became incredibly affordable! πŸš€

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6. Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair:

The Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair, originally $5,499, can be yours for just $4,999! Enjoy a generous discount of $500 and elevate your relaxation game to new heights! 🌈

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7. UltraComfort Chairs (including UC799 Apollo Eclipse):

Get ready for this β€” enjoy a fabulous 10% off on all UltraComfort chairs! Dive into the lap of luxury with the UC799 Apollo Eclipse and other models at unbeatable prices. Your dream chair is just a click away! πŸš€

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8. Svago Newton Zero Gravity Chair (SV630):

On Black Friday, the Svago Newton Zero Gravity Chair can be yours for a promotional price of $3,999! That's a sweet $300 off the regular price! Embrace weightlessness without lightening your wallet too much! 🌌

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9. Inner Balance Wellness Jin 2.0 Massage Chair:

Don't miss out on the Black Friday special for the Inner Balance Wellness Jin 2.0! Originally $3,499.99, it's now available for just $2,499.99! That's an incredible $1,000 off! Plus, enjoy the added perk of free curbside drop-off. It doesn’t get better than this! πŸš—

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What are you waiting for? Dive into relaxation paradise this Black Friday with our unbeatable deals on these top-of-the-line massage chairs! Hurry, these offers won’t last long. Happy shopping, and here’s to a stress-free, bliss-filled holiday season!