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Best Massage Chairs for Big & Tall - Wish Rock Relaxation

Owning a massage chair was once considered to be a decadent luxury, but now has become a mainstream and affordable option to improve your sleep, health and overall well-being.  Now you don't have to book an expensive appointment and hope to get in with your favorite massage therapist, you can get the same benefits from today's massage chairs that not only mimic the human touch, but have the capability to scan your body for where massage is most needed and to place you into the therapeutic zero gravity position.  That’s not something that your massage therapist can do--and certainly not whenever you want in your own home...

With benefits such as relaxation, stress reduction, and strengthened immune systems, owning your own massage chair nourishes your mind, body, and spirit right from the comfort of your own home, as often as you wish!  While the upfront cost may seem pricey to some, when you consider the costs of regularly visiting a massage therapist, having unlimited access to a massage chair could be a saving grace.

Massage chairs today are designed to give you a "just right" massage, varying in placement, pressure, and size.  For our big and tall customers, that means we also have chairs designed with you in mind.  We've rounded up a list of the Best Massage Chairs for Big & Tall customers -- those people over 6'5" tall and up to 300 pounds.  While most will accommodate up to 300 pounds (even those that aren't officially rated to it), their se

Rest Easier

With varying track sizes, the rollers are designed to roll down your back, others extend longer to reach the neck and glutes.  If you are too tall to sit comfortably, you will miss out on these benefits.  That's why choosing the right chair for you is so important--and the impetus to us finding the Best Massage Chairs for Big & Tall people.  The last thing we want is for you to get your chair and it just not fit properly.  Also, if you are on the heavier side, we’ve selected chairs with wider seat bases and fortified motors to perform well for people 300+ pounds.

Titan Pro Jupiter XL

Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair

The Titan Pro Jupiter XL was specifically designed and crafted to accommodate generous weight (300 pounds) and height requirements (up to 6'6" tall) with its reinforced motor system.  Most massage chairs have a maximum extension of 8-9 inches, while the Jupiter can extend out an additional 12.6 inches from the default position.  Although designed to accommodate the taller person, it still fits like a glove even for those 5 feet tall.  The seat base has also been widened by 2" more than the standard, giving it a total of 21" of seat clearance.  In addition, this chair offers 3D/ 52" L-Track massage technology, zero gravity, a unique head massage, dual action foot massage, bluetooth, and extended heat therapy.


HT Novo XT2

Human Touch Novo XT2 Massage Chair

The Novo XT2 is perfect for those 5'0" to 6'9" tall and up to 300 pounds. The seat width is 19" wide and it has an extending leg rest to automatically adjust to your height. This chair offers a great 3D massage with a unique S & L-Track massage, and upgraded Altec Lansing Premium Sound System with built-in relaxing nature sounds, dual-lumbar heat and USB charging station.  The Novo XT2 massage chair helps athletes and professionals of any level prepare for, and recover from, strenuous workouts and work days.  By increasing oxygen-rich blood to tired, sore muscles, Novo XT2 helps to restore your natural well-being.


Luraco iRobotics i7 PLUS

Luraco iRobotics i7 PLUS

The Luraco i7 PLUS is one of the most versatile chairs available accommodating people from 4'7" - 6'7" up to 300 pounds.  The Luraco i7 PLUS has the widest seat base available at 21" across and is definitely one of the Best Massage Chairs for Big & Tall.  Luraco put these stats to the test with 6'9" tall Jerome “Junk Yard Dog” Williams (ex NBA star and Basketball ambassador)--he loved it and was able to fit comfortably! This massage chair is the most adjustable chairs available today with six independent intensity adjustment locations: neck, upper back, lower back, arms, calves, and feet.  The list of features on this chair is impressive, including proprietary 3D robotics arm, genuine leather at all touchpoints, 32" S-Track, zero gravity, optional heart and blood pressure monitoring, a 100 aircell compression system (most comprehensive in the industry), and triple layer foot/calf massage with rollers, among many others.  Visit the link above to see the comprehensive list!  We also like the fact that it's made in the USA--the only massage chair manufacturer to do so.


Osaki OS-Pro EKON

Osaki OS-Pro EKON Big and Tall Massage Chair

If you're looking for a very comprehensive massage chair that is also beautiful to look at and delivers one of the best massage available today, the Pro-EKON is for you!  One of the best massage chairs for big and tall, the Ekon is suitable for people up to 6'4" tall and 285 lbs. (We know that this one is rated slightly below our official definition of Big & Tall, but couldn't resist sine we believe this will fit most)  The Ekon has a seat width of 19 inches.  This chair subtly glides forward about 5 inches enabling the chair to sit very close to your wall and begins a thorough body scan to accurately chart your reflexology pressure points, length of your spine and shoulder width in order to create the most customizable massage possible.  With an L-Track 3D roller, the Ekon is part of only a small number of chairs with this capability.  The rollers follow the curvature of the spine, wrap around the glutes and then massage into the upper hamstrings with 3D rollers allowing for a very deep tissue and targeted massage.  The Ekon also has foot rollers, kneading calf rollers, a comprehensive next-generation full body air compression system and Bluetooth. Please note, with the closed toe box, if your feet are bigger than a size 13, this may be snug.


Inner Balance Wellness Jin

Inner Balance Wellness Jin Big and Tall Massage Chair

Rounding out our list of the Best Massage Chairs for Big & Tall is the Inner Balance Wellness Jin.  This chair is suitable for people 5" to 6'5" tall up to 300 pounds.  The Jin has an 18" seat width--one of the more narrower seats of this list.  Another very comprehensive chair, featuring a 50" L-Track roller, 2 stage zero gravity, foot and calf rollers, extended heat therapy and full body air compression.  The Jin's innovative should pad adjustment system when coupled with the leg extension allows the Jin to accommodate taller individuals with ease that have struggled to find chairs previously.  It's also an affordable option!


Lift Chairs

Wish Rock is proud to carry UltraComfort Lift Chairs, offering zero gravity and customizable positioning comfort with a lift feature, giving assistance in getting to a standing position.  With chairs designed to fit body shape and size, there are options available for the big and tall! 

UltraComfort UC-550-M26

UltraComfort Lift Chair for Big and Tall.

With the option of adding heat, vibration massage, and the color / fabric to match your decor, this lift chair is truly customizable and one of the most comfortable that UltraComfort makes.  Unlimited positions, including zero gravity and Trendelenburg, can be reached with just the push of a button with the patented AutoDrive hand control.  This chair was designed to fit people from 5'3" to 5'10" with a 500 pound weight capacity and has a seat width of 26 inches.  It also features a three-pillow waterfall backrest where each pillow has a convenient zipper on the underside to access the Dacron fill, so that you can customize the fill level to your comfort.


UltraComfort UC542-ME6

UltraComfort UC542 Big and Tall lift chair

With full body comfort, optional heat and vibration massage therapy, and an easy to use 2-button standard remote, the UC542 is a great model that is suitable for up to 500 pounds.  Fully customizable in 21 different fabrics, this chair features a plush, generously stuffed seam back, better seat support, and a more casual armrest design for hours of relaxation.


We hope this guide helps you on your decision to finding the best massage chair for the big and tall!  If you still have questions, our relaxation experts would love to talk with you.  Give us a call at (803) 574-WISH(9474).  Wish Rock Relaxation is proud to offer financing through Affirm along with our Lowest Price Guarantee, Free Shipping, and No Sales Tax!

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