10 Tips to DETOXIFY your Life

10 Tips to DETOXIFY your Life - Wish Rock Relaxation

Officially summer begins June 21st, but can we all agree summer really starts when school is out?!!  Great, it's settled - Happy Summer!  Step one on the to-do list should be clearing out anything that no longer serves you, be it food that may negate your summer beach body, relationships that are unhealthy, or a cluttered home environment.  That's right, we are talking about a total DETOX for your life, home, and body!

Here are 10 tips to detoxify your life:


1. Meditation

Meditation as detox

At the end of a stressful day, it is important to let go of the day and return to a calm, centered inner state.  How often do you detox your mind?

Ideally, this is a daily occurrence.  If not, we encourage you to start.  A Psychology Today blog article by Robert Puff Ph.D. even encourages you to attend a meditation retreat, where you give in to several days of silence.

"Silence gives you peace that surpasses understanding." Take time to check in to your mind and spirit and see where it's asking you to pay closer attention.  

2. Relationships

Toxic people can cause just as many problems as toxic chemicals. They can poison your mind with negative thinking, encourage you to do things that poison your body, and cause any number of other mental, emotional, and sometimes even physical distress. It’s about time to cut the chord with those kind of people.  In short, they are people who lie to you, disrespect you, use you, or put you down.

It’s been well documented that negative thoughts and emotions affect your health in a negative fashion. If you want to fully detox, you’ll have to remove all of the toxins and that includes toxic people.

3. Finances

Detox Finances

We've heard that money problems break up marriages.  Even more so, it can disrupt your peace of mind.  In order to keep both your mind and relationships strong, we recommend paying off your debts and sticking to a budget.  Be sure to budget in what you need to take care of your mind, body, and spirit! 

4. Negativity

Gossip is a strategy used by individuals to further their own reputations and interests at the expense of others.  But let's face it, everyone has done it, and not only that, all gossip is not bad.  But using it to spread negative information not only will make the target feel bad, but you will also look untrustworthy and possibly unlikeable and weak.  Beyond that, do you notice how you feel having had participated in gossip?  Studies have shown that it can make us feel bad about ourselves.

Before you speak, let your words travel through three gates:

Is it true?

Is it kind?

Is it necessary?

Gossip isn't the only form of negativity; we also recommend you take a break from watching the news and anything else that brings negativity to your daily lives.


5. Clear the Clutter


Next on the list is detoxing your home environment.  It's hard to think clearly when you live in clutter.  Take some time to organize, minimize, and clear out things that distract you, as it will not only detox your home but will make it easier to detox your mind!

6. Don't buy chemical products

Potentially dangerous chemicals can be found in every room in your home.  Household cleaners, for example, can cause respiratory or gastrointestinal distress, watery eyes, or chemical burns. There are some that may not do much at first but long term exposure can cause cancer.  The best solution is to throw away chemical products and make the switch to organic cleaners.  

In addition, according to a study conducted by the CDC, the average woman uses nine cosmetic products which exposes them to over 100 chemicals. Many of those chemicals have been linked to birth defects, breast cancer, hormonal problems, and reproductive problems. Therefore, your next step is to get rid of your beauty products and begin to look into organic make up to make you look and feel your best.

7. Keep real plants in every room of your house 

During the late 1980’s, NASA began studying houseplants as a means of providing purer and cleaner air for space stations. What they learned is that there are many different houseplants that can help to purify the air, as they take in carbon dioxide and expell oxygen.  Not only that, the plants and soil also absorb other chemicals in the air that can be toxic. Here is a list of top 5 plants that help detoxify your home:

  1. Peace Lily
  2. Snake Plant
  3. Chinese Evergreen
  4. Bamboo Palm
  5. Heart Leaf Philodendron


"If you don't take care of this the most magnificent machine that you will ever be given...where are you going to live?" -Karyn Calabrese

8. Saunas

One of the easiest ways to detox is by sweating. Any exercise that gets you sweating will help naturally detox your body through the skin. Sweating with sauna therapy is another way to increase circulation, sweat out toxins and improve lymphatic flow for cleaning. After a good sweat, make sure to clean your skin with a shower so that the toxins that you sweat out of your system are washed away. We recommend SaunaSpace Luminati Near Infrared Sauna Bundle, which allows you to have a completely safe and convenient sauna right in your own home.

9. Improve Circulation with Jade Stones

Jade stones have recently become on trend for good reason, especially in face rollers, as they increase the flow of your lymphatic system, provide anti-aging benefits, depuff your face and support your nervous system.  Now picture a mat of jade stones for your entire body!  

The Osaki J2 Jade Photon Mat with Tourmaline, Germanium & Jade Stone Therapy is here for you!  Utilizing the best in PEMF Jade/Tourmaline heat therapy technology, this mat gives many health benefits by providing Far-Infrared Rays and Anions to the body. Tourmaline is an all season material, helping to keep you cool in the summer and warm during the winter to primarily improve blood circulation.  When lying on the mat, it will also help to improve overall brain cell function.  The benefits of Radiant Far-Infrared Heat have been researched and documented to increase blood circulation throughout the body improving overall health.


Osaki Pro Admiral Massage Chair

Massage works to improve the circulation and promote blood flow to your organs, tissues, and muscles. The toxins are then squeezed out from between cells and muscle fibers and can be flushed out of the body more easily. Massage also helps jump start the lymphatic system which plays a crucial role in pushing out toxins and boosting your immune system to defend against illness. After a massage you will feel more energetic, have a stronger immune system, and experience clearer thinking and less stress.  And what better way to receive these benefits than in the comfort of your own home!  

Pictured here is the Osaki OS-Pro Admiral Massage Chair. The Admiral features clean lines with plush upholstery and a super powerful 3D L-track massage mechanism with 16 auto programs to choose from.  It is also loaded with all the features that you have come to expect from Osaki's premium massage chair lineup--zero gravity, extended heat therapy, foot rollers, usb port and Bluetooth. 

We hope we've given you everything you need to detox your life and have a carefree summer!  If there is any way that we can help you, please don't hesitate to reach out to our relaxation experts at 803-574-WISH(9474).







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