Health Mate Renew 3 Far Infrared Sauna

Designer: Health Mate

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Health Mate Renew 3 Person Far Infrared Low EMF Sauna

48 Diode Far-Infrared LED | Max Temp 140 | 20-30 Min Heating Time | Antimicrobial PEFC™ Western Cedar Wood | Ultra Low EMF TruInfra™ Heater | Patented Interior & Exterior Controllers | Chromotherapy |  Bluetooth

Health Mate Renew 3 Far Infrared Sauna


If you're looking for a high-quality sauna at an affordable price, the Health Mate Renew 3 Person Far Infrared Sauna is perfect for you.  The Renew features a solid Western Canadian Red Cedar Cabinet, Low EMF, Bluetooth, clear glass windows, chromotherapy, dual control pad and the ability to assemble this sauna with no tools making it a top choice for sauna enthusiasts around the world.  The Renew Series has a heating time of 20-30 minutes with a max temperature of 140 degrees.

  • Health Mate Renew 3 Sauna -  Western Cedar Wood

    PEFC™ Canadian Cedar Wood

    All Health Mate Renew Near-infrared saunas are constructed with Western Red Canadian Cedar which is the only wood that should be used in the manufacturing of a sauna box. There is no other company in the infrared sauna industry that’s involved in the lumber industry like Health Mate. Western Red Canadian Cedarwood is naturally antimicrobial – no matter how much moisture or sweat is released onto it, it is impossible for this species of lumber to grow fungus, mold or bacterias. All wood is cut into quarter sawn planks for that ultimate luxury look.
  • Health Mate Renew  3 Sauna -  Low EMF TruInfra™ Heater

    Low EMF TruInfra™ Heater

    Almost all brands offering infrared saunas are doing so with extremely dangerous food heat lamps that produce dangerously high EMF and are never positioned close enough to the body to achieve the benefits they are marketed for. Health Mate has developed a revolutionary near-infrared LED panel capable of producing between 600-900nm. Light therapy—or photobiomodulation (PBM) as it’s technically called is safer, more effective and a smarter way to achieve the benefits of red light therapy and near-infrared. The clinical evidence supporting the benefits of red and near-infrared light is extensive.

  • Health Mate Renew 3 Sauna -   48 Diode Chromotherapy lighting

    48 Diode Chromotherapy lighting

    Published studies show benefits from almost all wavelengths in the mid-600nm range to the low to mid 800nm range. That’s because these wavelengths have the greatest effect on the cellular respiration process. The Renew Series features 96 LED Diodes.


  • Health Mate Renew 3 Sauna -  Patented Interior & Exterior Controllers

    Patented Basic Interior & Exterior Controllers

    Unique to all Health Mate Renew Saunas is the patented Interior and Exterior Basic Controllers -- now you have the ability to start your sauna before you walk in and also to control the heat from within the sauna. Talk about convenience.

  • Health Mate  Renew 3 Sauna -  Exterior Lighting


    Want to experience true without the use of high EMF food lamps? There is absolutely no sauna on the market that competes with our Renew and Restore models. We’ve combined our patented Tecoloy™ heaters that produce both mid and far-infrared with a state of the art near-infrared LED panel.

  • Health Mate  Renew 3 Sauna - 100% Toxic Free

    100% Toxic-Free

    The wood typically used in almost all other saunas in the industry is not naturally antimicrobial often causing a significant amount of mold and mildew. Considering that the purpose of a sauna is to induce an enormous amount of sweat and water secretion, it is natural for a lot of moisture to fall onto the wooden bench and floorboard. That same moisture sits and soaks into the wood without any real ventilation or air circulation creating an environment very conducive to mold. According to FEMA, mildew and mold starts to grow within 24-48 hours. All Health Mate Saunas are completely safe and free of mold and toxins due to theirinherently antimicrobial nature versus the other options available today.
  • Health Mate  Renew 3 Sauna -  Bluetooth Speakers


    Enjoy listening to your favorite music, audible, podcast or mediation during your sauna therapy session with the Health Mate Renew Series.


Setting the Standard in Ethics

Almost all infrared sauna brands offer a limited lifetime warranty… have you read the fine print? Health Mate feels this type of marketing is disingenuous and slimy.

What’s a “lifetime warranty” really worth if you exclude everything?

The chances of you experiencing a defect in workmanship or manufacturing after 1 year is almost impossible based on the vernacular most brands use when offering a lifetime warranty.

Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

There’s no infrared sauna brand in the business that offers an unconditional lifetime warranty on their infrared heaters. Health Mate does. We guarantee our Tecoloy™ heaters for a lifetime, no questions asked. For 40 years we have had less than a 0.10% failure rate. Infrared heaters are the second highest cost component in an infrared sauna. Don’t be fooled by “limited” lifetime warranties that restrict everything and replacement parts cost a fortune. Health Mate offers an unconditional lifetime warranty on Tecoloy™ heaters. Tecoloy™ heaters are also the only heater in the industry that are UL listed. There’s no other heater or brand that can make this claim. Underwriter Laboratories is the largest and most trusted safety company in the world.


Western Red Canadian Cedar

Health Mate’s Western Red Canadian Cedar will last a lifetime if properly cared for. We have many 40 year old saunas still owned by customers and the wood looks as good as the day it was delivered. We source from the best mills, use vertical cut lumber, kiln dry to 6% moisture and are proud members of PEFC™. We don’t cut costs like many other brands. While we only offer a strait 5 year warranty on wood you can expect it to last a lifetime. Wood is the highest cost component of an infrared sauna. Invest wisely. Too many brands are using low budget mills. This wood tends to warp, bend and crack very easily. Health Mate stands by it’s commitment to offer the highest grade wood cabins in the entire industry.


Power Supply & Controllers

Advancements. Health Mate has been making power supplies and controllers for 40 years, the lessons learned that plague new manufacturers are behind us. When it comes to powering a 1800+ watt infrared sauna, experience matters. Our power supplies have two levels of protection; breaker and high limit. No other brand in the industry makes a power supply as long lasting and safe as Health Mate.






  • Health Mate Accessories - Outdoor Cover

    OUTDOOR COVER $500-$725

    Ensure the lifetime usage of your Health Mate Sauna with this hand-made, water-resistant Outdoor Cover.
  • Health Mate Accessories - Seat Cushion

    SAUNA CUSHION$225-$450

    Want to relax in comfort? Introducing our hand made seat cushion exclusively for Health Mate saunas.
  • Health Mate Accessories - Cedar Floor Mate

    AROMA STONE $299

    Patented Low-EMF Heater & Components, Massaging Tourmaline Stone
  • Health Mate Accessories - Aromatherapy Cup


    Adding just a few drops of essential oils to your Aroma Mate aromatherapy cup will transform your warm space to a calming place. Simply attach the aroma cup to one of your Tecoloy™ grills and enjoy.
  • Health Mate Accessories - Cedar Floor Mate


    The evenly spaced cedar rods allows better air circulation for your skin when stretching out in your sauna. The ergonomic lumbar support follows the curvature of your body, reducing the pressure on your back by distributing the weight evenly when you lean against it.
  • Health Mate Accessories - Cedar Floor Mate


    Our standard cedar backrest has full slats to give your body extra support when you want to stretch out. The smooth design is comfortable, promoting relaxation and well-being.
  • Health Mate Accessories - Cedar Floor Mate


    Perfect for the entrance to your sauna, this Cedar Floor Mate includes polymer feet for superior stability.
  • Health Mate Accessories - Hanging Shelf


    A sauna hanging shelf is available to maintain your sauna-related items. The shelf has space for books or towels and hooks for clothes or the Health Mate Robe. The sauna hanging shelf can be inserted at the top of the side of the sauna, either inside or outside.
  • Health Mate Accessories - Cedar Floor Mate


    This highly absorbent robe is made of thick woven terry cloth, keeping you comfortably soft and cozy.
  • Health Mate Accessories - Cedar Floor Mate

    TOWEL SET $50

    Complete your serene space with the Health Mate Sauna Towel Set. Wrap your body in our soft and cozy body towel. Dab the hand towel over your face and let it absorb the extra moisture on your skin to promote a more comfortable experience.
  • Health Mate Accessories - Cedar Floor Mate

    TUMBLER $39.99

    Don’t forget to hydrate! Replenish your body with the Health Mate insulated water bottle. Fill it up and take it into your sauna with you to hydrate and restore after a warm sauna session.

Product : Renew 3
Brand : Health Mate
Model HM-BSE-3-BT-CL
Bundle Weight :
Light Panel Weight :
Frame Weight :
Mat Weight :
Stool Weight :
Dual-Layer Cover :
Dual-Layer Cover + Curtain Weight :
Width: 47”
35 ¾”
69 ⅞”
Depth : 40 ½”
Height : 75 ¼”


1630 watts

15 amps

Plugs into a standard 120v 15a outlet
Plug Type: NEMA 5-15P

TruInfra™ carbon infrared on the back wall.

Tecoloy™ S series on front wall and bench.

Power Cord Length :

Renew VS Enrich/Restore Comparison.

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