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10 Fun Ways to Spend your Tax Refund

It's that time of the year when we (hopefully) get a nice little check from the government! But oh what to do with it!?!!  The options are aplenty. You can be responsible, outlandish, decadent or just help to stimulate the economy a tiny bit...  We've got some great ideas to help you along no matter what your goal.

1. (Most Prudent) Be Responsible.  


Catch up on your bills. Pay off your debt. Contribute to your IRA for the year.  Invest in the Stock Market. Maybe even get ahead a little, and overpay your monthly debt of student loans, mortgage, etc.  While incredibly boring, this can also serve as a nice peace of mind.  

2. (Our Personal Favorite) Buy a Massage Chair.

Synca Kagra

While for some this is a luxury well worth investing in, for others it's downright a necessity!  Massage chairs today very closely mimic the touch of a human hand, so it's like visiting a masseuse...daily!  You will revive your mind, body, and spirit taking less than an hour to receive a very relaxing massage.  If you have a sore back and aching feet, it will help even more.  There are so many benefits to daily massages - check out our blog post on it!  And when you are ready, our relaxation experts are here to deliver world-class customer service to you.  They will listen to your needs and budget and carefully consider the absolute best chair for you.  

Featured here: Synca Wellness Kagra Massage Chair

3. (Take a hike) Go on a Vacation.


Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

There is nothing like experiencing new cultures, places, and people.  Whether taking time to explore parts of your own city you've never seen, traveling the United States, or going international.  With just a little research, you can find the best places to stay, fun things to do, and tasty places to eat.  Be sure to take lots of pictures, as later, when relaxing in your massage chair, you'll want to mentally revisit the sights, sounds, and tastes of your travel!

4. (Most brownie points) Buy the one you love a Massage Chair.

Osaki Maestro Massage Chair

Massage chairs allow you to customize your massage to give the most relaxing experience for your body.  There is no better way to say I love you than showing appreciation for all the hard work that special someone does with a massage chair!  Bonus points for being the best gift giver ever, and extra credit for when you get to take a turn in the chair. 

Featured here: Osaki OS-4D Pro Maestro 

5. (Most Adorable) Baby Goats.

baby goat

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

I mean...  

*Warning: they may try to eat your massage chair.

6. (Most Relaxing) Bring a Sauna into your own Home.

SaunaSpace NIR Sauna 

Did you know this was a thing?  And that it's perfectly safe?  The benefits of saunas are many, including:  stress reduction, relaxing muscles and soothing to aches and pains in the joints and muscles, flush toxins, cleanse the skin, fight illness, burn calories....just for starters!  Check it out here.

Featured here:  SaunaSpace Near Infrared Pocket Sauna Bundle

7. (Now that's just crazy) Drink it up!


Go ahead and indulge - why not?  Did you know the most expensive bottle of wine was sold for $500,000?  The six-liter Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon 1992 bottle sold for a half million dollars in 2000 at a Napa Valley charity auction.  OK, so that might be a little more than your tax return.  You could try a bottle of Chateau Petrus for just $5,000.  Hmmmm... to share or not to share?  Either way, perfect for relaxing in your massage chair with a nice glass of vino!

8. (A great option) Buy a Massage Chair for your Bedroom.

Keep that beauty hidden away so the kids don't find it. They break everything.

Featured here: The uKnead Lohas UK-7300

9. (So Decadent!) 13 Moon Chocolate Lunar Club

Vosges 13 Moon Chocolate Lunar Club

I mean, why not eat chocolate under the light of the full moon?  Our friends at Vosges will send you a gourmet chocolate collection just before each full moon for a year, including an enclosure card that details the significance of each lunar cycle and a chocolate ritual. (Just be sure it doesn't melt on your new massage chair!)  

Find it here:  Vosges 13 Moon Chocolate Lunar Club

10. (Spacy!) Experience Zero Gravity.

Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair

We recently wrote a blog post on the many benefits of zero gravity.  This handsome chair can be completely customized to your decor, it's the healthiest way to sit, and you can enjoy both a glass of Chateau Petrous and a Full Moon Chocolate whilst sitting so healthily.  Now that is relaxation!

Featured here: Human Touch Gravis ZG Chair

Which is your favorite?  Let us know!  And when you are ready to find the ultimate relaxation in your favorite chair, please call us at 803-574-9474.  

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Happy Spending!

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